Lust Recruiting New Members


Hello Everyone,

Lust Guild is now recruiting all active players new and old. We are currently a small guild with close and active members. We do guild runs which consist of Anton, Guild dungeon, Luke, and Panda Express & More.

Panda Express where all your golden chicken drops-2017

We are more than happy to always assist our members with runs/class questions to everything in between. If you don’t know how to do a certain run we’ll teach you the mechanics so you can join us in on all the fun this game has to offer.

We have a discord channel as well so you can always interact with the members of this guild even away from the game. So if this sound like your kind of guild and you got an overabundance of Lust come apply and we’ll happily welcome you to the Harem.
Discord Link Will Be Provided of course

PM Vihaya or PridefulSin if you have any questions.