Little help here


i am trying to use some mods, but some of they have this bug, anyone know how to fix it?
the link mod in question: nero


That looks like a Dante DMC 3 Avatar Skin mod? Well - There is an easy fix for that.
You’ll need what is called a “Hidden avatar” set. An easy fix.


I also looked at the File that is linked, upon opening it, there is no instance oc Nero within it? Do you have other files that are associated with this mod? If so, could link them so I could have a Look?


Welp, I tried. It seems to me that this site is not as active as it used to be. I have checked in a few times to see if this person has found resolution. Guess, I have to keep on checking.


well i found that one on old chinese site, seems like he only did that on this resolution, i tried to use that hidden avatar as you said seems to work, but others m slayer npcs say bugged


here is the link 鬼剑初始皮肤改MUGEN尼禄傻瓜包(我来填坑了),Ex梦想承载者,Exnpk - Powered by Discuz!
but the only file for download is that one i gave to you, he got all thoose sprites from a mugen version of that Nero, made by CaWO4 dunno if will help but here is the link


It’s a little difficult to download from Baidu, IF you have the original file - If not, I already grabbed the one from Mugen and I will Implement the mod myself. I should have it done soon.


It would be better if you could procure the original file for me. I would appreciate it.


Here you are. Make sure that you use NPK permissions in place.

The original file had the sprites hidden and locked by a password. Which is weird, Given the fact that the original
sprites were already “ripped” by someone else and now wants to claim them as his own.

Welp, you should be good to go.


that’s really strrange, anyway thank you i gonna test it soon