LF> 1 Sader @ 22:30 EST/19:30 PST


Looking for members to fill out our static. We have had general success so far clearing with pickup members but I would like to run a fixed team for consistency.

6/27/2018 edit: DPS Slot filled. Now only looking for a Sader

Alternatively, if you would like to simply apply as a candidate to be on our waitlist for either party, please see below (past the member listing) for details.

Current Static Members:

  • Fiend+5s, +12 Triumph Dagger Rogue

  • Nagaraja+5s, +12 Savior Bludgeon Demon Slayer

  • F.Sader

  • Fiend + Cold princess +10/+8 Que Sera Sera BM

  • Tac Lord + Destruction Inquisitor

  • Crow Ceremony + 5s Mnen

What we’re looking for:

  • Sader

This group is also open to subs and waitlist members. I.e. If you can only do one day, or cannot fully commit, that is fine and I will happily try to recruit you if possible when there is availability.

Our absence policy is generally that I ask for as much time in advance as possible. Because there is a wait list, coordinating subs in takes time and will benefit the group as a whole.

Any major holidays that fall on or near Raid days will be assumed canceled. A survey will always go out to gauge attendance however.

If interested, please reply or contact with gear info to Zerreth#0137 on discord.