Kunoichi General


Is considering the sets before or after the rework?


Almost certainly post-rework; Gesh is pretty bad right now in comparison to other sets.


Yes, after rework, though it seems that Koreans have a different opinion of what sets should be used, as most of the top Kuno players use Gesp, with 1 7 Sins, 1 SC, and 1 Fiend user in the top 10 iirc.


What do you mean when you say top 10?


Every class has a list in kdnf of the top 10 damage dealers for their class. It’s completely useless because they’re all amped beyond your wildest dreams, and the differences between them tend to be less which armor they’re using and more who has slightly more amps, but it’s fun to reference I guess.


Is there any uptodate guide for Shiranui or some kind of summary about important skills and BiS items?


I my build I max all cubes but Flying Shuriken and Heavenly Fire Blast. Max Decoy, Multi Illusion Shuriken, Spiral Wheel Kunai, and all buffs/passives. One point in basically everything else for prereqs or utility. I dump into heavenly fire blast.


Hi everyone, I am having a hard time finding a good rotation for the memorization skill. I’m a returning player and I instantly fell in love with Kunoichi and I actually mained her (cause she lit…literally!) I would love some feed back on this. Thanks!


Typical rotation will be starting with the skills that take longest to do their damage such as bird or snake, and just go to the faster skills next. My rotation is far from optimal because I set up my hotkeys in a particular way before I was worried about being optimal and at this point I’m too used to change atm. What I think the strongest rotation would probably be would be Bird->Snake->Spiral Flame Shuriken->Blazing Blossom->Frog->Decoy, or something like that.


Man, why’d they have to get rid of Blazing Blossom gathering entirely when they took it off the TP? Highly doubt it was broken, and it was so nice.


From what I remember it was kinda broken in the way that it sometimes did super weird stuff. Also most of the time I didn’t put tp into it because it actually placed stuff randomly so it was kinda awkward if you put it in a rotation and it moved stuff out of the rest of your skills sweet spots, or moved them away from shadow clone explosions. Take all of this with a huge grain of salt because this is all from memory, so it probably is at least partially inaccurate.