Kunoichi General


Shadow clone is still the best passive to get (i.e. get it on your clone top) but I go out of your way to build around it. So, basically, dusky/fish and fill in with other nice pieces you find. Sea god’s pants is still fine for crimson flare buff swap but its not going to be stellar as a combat piece.

Finish out crimson flare buff swap. 6 pc scorching heaven + hitech ring + 55 halidom/legacy top + anton legendary chakram (lava worm’s frightening fang) + avatar top for the easy pieces. Possibly title from the current package if you can afford it – its okay to settle for +2 instead of +3. Fill in with tainted pieces.

For weapon, either liberation or blazing vanquisher until you get savior/circuit cerebrate/explosive shadows/circulation. Those ordered from best to worst.


any after origin skill build. i am new to kunoichi and this class has a lot of skills.


My kuno got hige and hizaki should I use it over the neo wep ?


Short Answer: No.
Long Answer: You lose out on too many benefits from not using chakra weapon. Ontop if it being dual blades which gives the least amount of magic attack possible for a thief weapon. The additional elemental dmg will no make up for the stats you lose no using a chakra weapon. You also dont get chakra weapon projectiles if you use anything other than chakra losing out on another form off dps.


Thanks for the info also should I try and get a shadow clone title I don’t have a summer Elenore title


First priority would be to get fire release buff title first. After patch stacking shadow clone isnt as mandatory anymore. Its still the skill to get plats for but it allows us to get other options in other slots (in this case title). If you have your swap title already and elenore title is too expensive then shadow clone title should do until next elenore title for battle.


If you’re not already using a Shadow Clone title, I wouldn’t bother.


I have a plus 2swap title so I was just asking since the shadow clone title would increase my don’t the most outside of the Elenore one since they cost so much


Only time you’ll really ever use a shadow clone title is if you’re trying to speed run solo Luke or something

Its still the best plat (and probably combat avatar top), its just not worth using over elenore title. Elenore title isn’t that much more expensive than current titles (60m versus 30m-40m? Way more than that if you want +3)


Thanks I’m asking alot cuz I’m kinda new to kuno and I hear shadow clone is the best to stack outside of buff swap so trying to learn when it’s good to get shadow clone and when not so if you wouldn’t mind my asking why would it only be good to get shadow clone if I’m running Luke solo ? Again sorry for all these questions just really like kuno and wanna know as much as I can


Shadow Clone title would basically be for recharging clones faster (-0.5s on the clone recharge interval per level) and being able to have more clones up at once. You’d be wearing it during downtime to get clones back faster, and maybe bank an extra clone.

Combining that with Cooldown Reduction gear swaps would be pretty heavy micromanagement, but might let you pump out a few more cloned skills over time. I don’t think it’d be a high priority for gearing a kuno anymore. I think you’re hearing about it because it used to be THE title for Kuno because it had those benefits while also dealing damage on par with a damage title.

If you really want, I think I have some unsealed +2 Shadow Clones from last package still lying around somewhere on an alt. I can sell that for lower than the current title’s base value.


Hmm well idk now thanks for explaining though I’m still trying to save up to get a dmg so if shadow isn’t too important anymore to warrant a title for unless I’m solo might just get a fire Elenore title instead but you’ve been a huge help thanks alot


Regarding regular emblems, what is optimal setup?

For Red & Green emblems, I’m guessing it’s crit till crit cap (I’m not sure what’s the max crit available with 12/12 BiS), int for the rest.

What about Yellow emblems though? Is attack speed or cast speed superior? I’m not sure how to test if shadow clones (when canceled into for automatic full charge) benefit from cast speed at all. Does attack speed increase the rate at which Cycles of Eternity executes?


Late reply but for optimal setup for emblems.

Green: M. Crit
Red: Int/M.crit

For yellow emblems i would suggest cast speed. Your clones and cycle casts are based off your cast speed. Attack speed isnt bad either but x strings arent your primary source of damage but it is something you will be doing with no clone/cooldowns (or having your 2a equipped but that gives alot of attack spped already).


is it possible to one shot ppl in either Natram or Grandine with burnning stigma? ’ - ’ ;


if you have enough damage, yes.


So I finished Metal Line today. I don’t have full sensory or civ atm.

I’m currently using Explosive Shadows, and have a Circulation in the vault. I was wondering if it was worth using Circulation (after reinforcing it 10 and kaleido-ing) since the 55% smash from Metal Line overrides the smash on Explosive Shadows. The next best set I have is Black Formal at 4/5, the rest are 3/5. Not too sure when a Circuit Cerebate will drop, but the smash is overriden by Metal Line anyway so I have no idea how much better it will be.

I’m about 7 weeks of Anton raids + dailies to purchase a Saviour, and I’m sure it will perform better than Explosive Shadows. Epic crafting takes about 8 weeks so I’m unsure if I should spend resources to craft the weapon either, would it outperform Circuit/85 Saviour with my current setup? Of course, if I finish Crow everything changes but it’s quite hard to predict epic drops haha.


I just got enough Monolium to upgrade a full set and I was going to upgrade BF to FV, but when I was running hells I finished Crow. Since it’s armor mastery I imagine it is quite good, but I already have 3 pieces of BF +10 amped and it seems like Gespenst top doesn’t play nice with CDR swapping with MV top. Which would you recommend I upgrade?


Reasonably Kuno can choose between 3 upgraded sets. Gespenst, Fiend, and 7Sins.

Gespenst has the advantage of having mastery, but has two critical disadvantages. Like you pointed out, it doesn’t play well with swapping MV. The other problem is that +1-85 levels affects awakenings the most, and Kuno’s awakenings are just not as significant to her burst or dps damage cycles - you fit them in whenever you feel like it, but the main damage is coming from Cycles of Eternity.

Fiend’s advantage is that it has elemental elenore, and Kuno has 70 passive fire damage. That’s the only thing going for Fiend, but at the same time, Fiend doesn’t have many disadvantages - the main one(s) being that Fiend isn’t mastery, and by extension lacks crit (5% from Fiend, 5% from non-mastery).

7 Sins is more similar to Fiend than Gespenst as it has no +levels, like Fiend. It does slightly less damage than Fiend but the dealing structure is superior to Gespenst because the damage is better spread out on non-awakenings. Its advantages include 12% crit (enough to basically match up to Gespenst after considering mastery), 10% hit rate (underrated stat), and super armor (works everywhere but Solium Machina). Not only that, but it has aspd/cspd/mspd that Fiend lacks.

All 3 are viable options, but in my opinion:

Damage: Fiend > 7 Sins > Gespenst

Overall: 7 Sins > Fiend > Gespenst

Naga is a stretch compared to these 3, and you shouldn’t consider SC unless it’s your only option.


Even though the top doesn’t play well with MV top, I’m planning on doing arthurian title + mv pant + mv belt + time king shoulder once I upgrade later this week. I actually use the same thing except top instead of belt atm and its more than fine – the big downside is the belt’s 70% mana requirement, because kuno eats through mana pretty fast, so I’ll see how that plays out once I get gesp.

Current setup with top is 25.7 phoenix cooldown, 20.6 with mind stim – any cooldown that brings it lower than 20s isn’t that needed because of equipment swap timers.

With belt instead of top it should be 26.6 / 21.2.