Kunoichi General


So battle plats would be shadow clone if I can find them and yeah it took me awhilentonfigure how to do dmg with kuno I still mess up sometimes


Yep, shadow clone plats will still be the best. I mess up sometimes too when mashing COE chains since the game will drop inputs if you press too many buttons at once, so I group them on my hotkey bar in a way that makes it easy to tell if I missed one. i.e. grouped together at the left.


I input CoE since it’s a “buff” and alot of times when I got to reinput it it’ll drop my command so I’m just sitting there using the hold like huh why no dmg


I usually input buffs as well, but I would probably recommend putting cycles on your hotbar it just feels better imo


Yeah I had it on my bar at first but I’d have to take some other skill off to do so and I’m at a loss



Here’s my hotbar for reference. I should probably have shining cut somewhere. After rework I plan on inputting 1a and tornado manually in favor of frog and spiral flame shuriken.


What’s the ov swap for kuno ?


6pc Scorching Heavens




For manual inputs, don’t forget that you can use just the button itself without additional inputs mapped to an ability, too. The only ability I really use directions for is crimson flare, although we’ll see how that changes after origin.

Also, on a braggy note, I finished senses and ancient civ the past week. I finished crow half a year ago before I quit until just recently. 12s ferman gogogo. I really have no luke experience so I am a complete potate in that regard, alas


Woooot grats and I completely forgot about that I can just nap it to a button


How’s the leg swap it’s worth like 5 levels right I just got it and am pretty happy


Wondering if a +3 shadow clone title would be better than summer Elanore. Any thoughts?


Summer title would be better for damage.


Two questions

  1. With Origin on the way…what actually is the benefit we’re getting from this rework other than more Awakening damage and a few skill reworks (no more clone swapping, a little more fire damage and damage on one off skills). I don’t really see anything in post Origin footage that changes about the class. It’s still just use skills and clone cancel everything with Kunai, pop COE and unload then unload again with it released at first glance. Are there any real updates?

  2. Is the new level 25 skill better to cancel your skills with than Kunai because of the added CD reduction?

I stopped playing the class a while ago but got an Explosive Shadows randomly so I wanted to get Dusky and start working on her. Have there been any stark changes in things post infinity/on the way in Origin I’ve missed and should I just watch Kuno footage of endgame dungeons to catch up? Thanks.


Mostly just QOL of life changes and standardized her skills to work more like other classes (1a/2a passives giving significantly more damage, shadow clone not giving as much). The biggest buffs are no longer needing to shadow clone swap as you mentioned, since doing that is annoying af, and no longer needing to flying shuriken things beforehand for max damage since dark shadow’s assassination thing won’t have multiple levels anymore. Toad and spiral flame shuriken will be useful.

Shadow clone will have more clones and start at 100% multiplier so her damage should be much more new player friendly. Before origin you really have to stack some shadow clone levels first before her damage becomes worth anything. I remember getting +3 shadow clone title was pretty game changing for me and I can’t imagine playing without it pre-Origin, and after the patch summer elenore title will be best like every other class.

She no longer has shadow clone explosions. I liked them for grinding regular dungeons quite a bit, but its nice that they won’t force her to be in the enemy’s face for max damages now.

Flying shuriken is supposed to get a hold of some kind although I have no clue how it works and how long it lasts.

Also, her CDR from ninjutsu is just a straight reduction instead of being based on charges which is nice for general dungeon grinding, although I think it’ll make phoenix’s cooldown slightly longer (and any skill used from COE really) since it’ll be a straight 20% CDR instead of two 15% reductions.

Its still pop COE and spam damages for her, just that you’ll probably be fitting toad and boomerang in that combo now as well. So, her usual playstyle doesn’t change much. Toad should also be nice for killing midbosses and additional room clear… My favorite changes are probably the assassination change and shadow clone change since they will greatly simplify her endgame mechanics.


Verdict on kuno changes: AWESOME. Only cube I didn’t bother with was heavenly fire blast, and flying shuriken isn’t maxed, its just my SP dump. Blazing blossom hits hard but not hard enough for me to TP. I put my TP in the shurikens, toad, decoy. Also rearranged my hotbars to make fitting toad and boomerang into my COE chain more naturally so time to flub my keys for a couple of days. My COE chain is decoy (unless its a boss I shouldn’t hold)->phoenix->snake->toad->boomerang-spiral wheel->multi illusion(if I didn’t use decoy)


Forgot to log in before the patch and run my damage yesterday, but I still got before/after pics from when I first got my 90 set.



Note that as I was still testing around I kept the skills the same (so thats why toad and shuriken are missing) and I also forgot to tp on the after lol so multi-illusion and spiral wheel are still very good tp investments.

2a got BUFF tho, my god. Overall playing kuno feels significantly better, even more so at lower levels of gear.


Yeah 2a got hella buffed along with other increases to other skills (prob due to the skill dmg no being loaded into 1 passive and general buffed all around).

On CoE rotations and skills. I dont bother with hfb either. Ima try blossom and toad to see what comes out a bit better.


Is real time clone stacking still worth it? I’m trying to figure out a gearing path and I’m in tainteds, Explosive Shadows and Anton legendary shoulder, belt and shoes at the moment (proc gear). Should I ditch the Anton legendaries and go full Dusky+Fish/Guild setup with Sea God’s pants or is there anything else I can do with what I have to start working towards Anton entry?