Kunoichi General


I’ll elaborate on how the swapping seems to work, as I’ve frequently tested it and had to remember to use it.

For lack of better terms, you should consider the buffs given by Explosive Shadows to be “snapshot” buffs, the crucial elements being “Shadow Clone Skill +2” and “Ninpou: Shadow Clone Atk. +18%…”

When you do a combo, you have the Explosive Shadows on, with your optimal weapon (for me, currently +10/+8 Circuit. Savior one day pls) on one of your quick slots. Start your CoE, cast all of your abilities, release CoE, and THEN switch weapons.

You do this because all of your clones initially created will have the Explosive Shadows buffs, and all of the clones from CoE will then gain the Explosive Shadows buffs as well, since you had already released your CoE. As all of your skills are being cast, however, their damage outputs will change to reflect that of the weapon you swap to, as the skills themselves aren’t supposed to be able to be snapshot - but the clones that cast them will, thus the damage increase from Explosive Shadows is applied (along?) with the damage of your stronger weapon.

It is crucial to do this combo as quick as possible. The longer your abilities are being played without you having switched to a stronger weapon, the more DPS gain you end up losing out on.

I’d also be willing to make a video(s?) for demonstrating this and other Kunoichi stuff and giving english explanations for the things I do know, as I’m painfully aware that there are not many resources at all for our hottest gril. If anyone’s interested, please do let me know :slight_smile:


Also, I noticed the question being asked way earlier in this thread about why you have Kunai Throw as the ending for an optimal combo.

While there could be other minor reasons, the primary reasons that I see are…
A: Assuming your Shadow Clone rank is such that your clones do more damage casting an ability than you do, of course you would want a shadow clone casting even the last CoE ability, which should also be a high damage skill. Canceling with Kunai allows this. If you have the cancels necessary for this (7+), you should definitely be doing it, because at that point the damage should be where you want it.

B: Regarding my last post about the optimization of the Explosive Shadows swap, it is so so important to use a quickly-casted dummy ability at the end of your cycles, so you can immediately prompt the CoE replay and swap to your DPS weapon. It saves a ton of time doing this as opposed to fully casting the 6th ability yourself, and time is the key to getting the most out of the swap.


The afterimage hotswap gets removed in the upcoming Kunoichi revamp. Something to keep in mind.


Noted, thanks for the heads up.


Afterimage hotswap being the 85 epic Chakra swap?


Yes, that exactly.


So i just hit floor 100 on anguish, should i save myself the 10m for a change of it.
I also saw a kdnf player use afterimage in the snow, that swap also wont work?


If u have to make, transfer, or pick which weapon to use it would definitely be circuit. Circuit even beats out savior if you dont have other modifiers on your body (smash, elenore stacking, etc.) Also circuit can be run with 5s if u dont have savior. Is it optimal, probably not, but it will still do good dmg with the 30 smash overriding 5s smash and the elenore + skill dmg from the weapon itself. You also still get crit smash from 5s set as well.

Hiden is good swap for now to hit lvl 20 crimson flare. After rework nugol’s chakra weapon is the better swap and you find the levels elsewhere to stack crimson.


Any of you guys wanna post your ferman times with your gear?

Also what 90 upgraded set are you guys going for?


5/5 crow, 4/5millenium, 4/5 metalline, 1/5 formal, 1/5 radiant.

Unless the rework makes millenium or 7 sins super op, i think ima go with crow. And im not worried about it until i start to do luke. Ill see if can post my ferman time sometime soon.


Is there any guides for Kuno? I am just starting out and want to learn the most optimal way to play this class


Out of curiosity if you guys had a +11 blazing vanquisher how much would you sell it for. No criticisms, just curious on how much you guys think the weapon would cost.

Or +0 if you found one and +11 too hard to judge.


Does anyone have a chart of upgraded 90 sets effectiveness for Kuno after the 90 set revamp? I have full Black formal but could transfer the last piece of crow/radiant if the damage gap is huge, and I’d rather make the best use of my monolium possible.


Can anyone post a skill build pls thanks


here’s my skill build. I’d probably recommend putting the points from 1a passive into something else. I just have them there because I don’t really like any of the options that much, and at my gear level 1a passive’s damage is good enough to clear easy content so I can be braindead while doing it.


Few things I would say I did different is I maxed that ex’s except the 60 I kept at one for assasiation proc. I have 1a passive at one because it doesn’t scale well and took AM. Also I have one point in throw mastery to reset sword of kusa.


Hey anybody got the 85 leg swap I’m looking for it also like what to do for levels and plats and post rework build


A little tip: If you press a button, let go of the button then shadow clone cancel it immediately, you’ll automatically fully charge the skill. The downside to this is you don’t get the cooldown reduction bonus – which shouldn’t matter after Origin unless they nerf this trick. i.e. if you want to pup off an instant full charge multi illusion shuriken you press the hotkey down, let go, immediately hit kunai throw, then the multi illusion shuriken will instantly pop up fully charged. Doesn’t really mean anything for COE chains but its nice during normal dungeon trash//hell runs/etc.

As to post Origin builds, we’ll have to see, I’m guessing the extra points I shuffle between fireball/blazing blossom/heavenly fire blast/flying shuriken (depends on how I feel since none of them are particularly great at full SP) will all go into toad and spiral flame shuriken instead. The TP I normally would have put into shadow clone will go to toad. I’ll continue to max the spiral wheel/multi illusion/decoy TP’s.

I’m gonna miss shadow clone explosions for clearing trash in dungeons but overall having a good amount of our damage not rely on being 100% in the enemy’s face will be a nice thing.


I’m new to kuno so how does the rework change her from like meh to op she’s seems pretty good to me already


She is pretty good atm yeah. I think her biggest ‘boost’ is the fact that resets get nerfed and she’s less dependant on them. Origin will help make her less janky and smoother to play. Streamlines her with other classes ie makes her 1a/2a passives decent, less dependent on shadow clone stacking (still the best skill to stack), makes her 1a/2a hit decently hard.