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The option skills you gave are some good spots to put them.

Spiral Flame Shuriken is probably one of the most awkward skills to use but it’s not bad damage and sets enemies to stage 3 on hit.


Hello guys, I decided to make a Kunoichi 4-5 days ago and now it’s at level 72. Will probably get to awaken later today.

I have a few questions:

What are the best skills to put points in? The skill guide I saw on gamechosun maxed everything except Flying Shuriken (Kunai?), Spiral Shuriken, and Heavenly Fire. However, that’s a post rework skill build. Is it generally the same for pre-rework?

What’s the best combo for Cycles?

Why did I read on gamechosun that I should end my Cycles with Kunai Throw?

What are the best platinum emblems to get? (in light of the rework) Would it be Fire Art for buff swap and Shadow Clone for battle set?

Also, is it true that Lava Worm’s Fang becomes a swap weapon for Kunoichi?


Ewwww i dont wanna put points into spiral flame shuriken doe :nauseated_face:.

I actually just dumped the rest of the points into fireball and flying shuriken but i guess spiral flame shuriken is a legitimate option for lack of better skills. I just want to use spiral flame after rework.

Updated the skill info to be more optimal/accurate.

Best skills: Look at earlier post i put a skill outline. You have a few options for dumps so it up to your preference.

Best combo for cycles: Usually what i do is Orochi -> amaterasu -> blossom -> multi -> spiral wheel -> kunai throw or decoy. Sometimes decoy comes first depending on the type of enemy. A broad idea would be to cast the skills with longer animations first and then go to the lower cd and cast animation skill next.

When it said you should end with cycles with kunai throw is probably due to it being a short cd skill that gives your other skills a bonus. Or activate a quick stage 1 on the enemy so when snake dmg comes out it turns them to stage 3 quickly. You generally should have a habit of cancelling your skills with kunai.

Best platinum emblem right now are Shadow clone for battle and fire art for buff. After rework all i know is the fire art stays buff plat. I an not sure about battle plat (i would like to know best battle plat as well after rework).

And yes lava monster worm fang becomes a swap weapon for kunoichi.


The gamechosun topic I was reading with regards to Kunoichi is a relatively comprehensive guide to Kunoichi. It does say:

"◆ Platinum Ambulance ◆

First of all, the Platinum Ambulem, the skill amble,
More than you think, I added this part.

The reliance on leveling has been much lower than before
Still numerical growth of 2% this passive skill
In-law: It’s only a mirror of Yata’s leaving behind.

But Yata’s mirror does not have a skill amble.
Therefore, you can put the ‘Injury: Remnants’ ambulance.

And the recovery speed of the important residual stock, the number
It is still influenced by the level of the retreat.

It’s not like we used to be,
It is essential to put a platinum ambulance on."

Where ‘Injury: Remnants’ (good stuff there, google translate) refers to the Shadow Clone platinum emblem. As we can see, the author’s opinion is that “it’s not essential like it used to be” so it’s a min-max kind of thing. I think the author is conscious that players might not have money, especially when he talks about using a 9% magical critical enchant rather than 10%, which is why he mentions that it’s not necessary to get the Shadow Clone plat.

As for the option on the rare avatar, the author seems to like using the 2a, Sword of Kusanagi, as the option as he says it’s “surprisingly strong” after the rework.

Asides, this is what his swap setup looks like: image

Is there any particular reason why people don’t like using Heavenly Fire Blast? I personally enjoy using it and some of Kuno’s skills benefit (currently) from being casted in the air.


Hey guys another question, post rework are we still buying emblems of shadow clone for battle set and buff for swap (obviously). Just curious if need to stack the shadow clone or we would use something else.
2nd question, I just finished spider queens set. Should I use this at all over my NG set mainly because we are element locked or stick with NG because we have good multi hit


If u have both spider and ng i would say you should test it to see what would be better. Though i will my a prediction that ng should be stronger. I would help to know your other gear as well though.

For battle it probably still is shadow clone for battle (u could get 2a on your top as well). This is based off of what asakyun found.


Should i buy the Moonlight Shadow leg chakra for clone recovery?
ninpo: switch cooldown -25
ninpo: Shadow clone recover time -10%

or wait for luck for when i get Secret fire release
ninpou Clone +2
Clone healing time -30%


The 90 isn’t that great from what I remember. I used blazing vanquisher until I got my explosive shadows and then circuit cerebrate, and I didn’t have too hard of time doing stuff since the additional fire is actually quite strong.


Kuno tainted swaps are still bugged right?

I testing earlier today after seeing another kuno use tainted swaps but my dmg didnt change.

Wondering if any other kunos wanted to test incase i was doing something wrong.


I remember trying out tainted crimson flare swaps a few weeks ago, but the damage increase didn’t stick after swapping out to a battle set.

So far I’ve only had +levels work.


un-upgraded savior beats circuit cerebrate because it will conflict with 5s right?


hey why what weapon do you favor using? (aside from saviors) ’ - ’

Planning to do Echon with her later and wondered which one would be best to transfer



Got an answer ’ ^ ’ ! from… A friend of a friend…on discord ’ - ’ a

@Craig Anderson With Echon set?
If he has all of them, then Circuit (if it’s +10/+8, if not Circulation might be better for a little.) But ALWAYS keep Secret Fire Release, bis swap for cycles combo.(edited)
I mean, I’ve kept my Circulation for so long also because Kuno is crit starved and because it’s nice to farm with bc it casts quickly. But ye, what I said above.
Also. A kunoichi who farmed full echon? Oh my lord that’s wild
Dedicated soul”

Then after asking about the 90 weapon.

what’s wrong with circuit?
if you don’t have the reinforce/amp or refine, you don’t get the bonuses
It’s my primary dps weapon now until savior though
bc I DO have the bonuses
since secret release buffs that stuff a big amount, it’s a really good thing to swap because those bonuses will stack onto your primary damage weapon
so you do piano and then instantly roll cycle, then wep swap
big demeji”


after asking around… been getting mixed responses between the 3 ’ ` ’

It involves a lot of swapping, people swap those weapons for “Ninpou: Shadow Clone” (which should improove the clone’s damage)
Also told that Kunoichi is in a bad state, and that using the weapon “Ninpou Hiden” and other swaps that improve the buff “Fire Art: Crimson Flare” isnt enough. Is this true ’ ` ’ ?

however, after the next balance, all that should change at least

But for now, Craig has been doing a lot of Jumping and using skills while “Ninpou: Cycle of Eternity” is active . - . a

overall, as of now, it appears that she has to do a ton of work just to get to her damage.

What weapon to transfer… Decided to transfer, Circulation of Six Worlds

’ - ’ b


only one question left…

Circuit Cerebrate looks really good, but this last part … ScreenShot2017_1122_175545665

Will it stack with other items say like… Cyan Hoop Armlet?
’ - ’ a
its the only thing that craig needs more info on


That is a standard warning for Attack Damage bonuses, it doesn’t apply to Bonus Damage or Skill Attack. Equipment that has that warning will only take the highest value of that specific type of damage increase, so for example:

Anton Epic Bracelet: 15% Attack Damage will not stack with other sources of Attack Damage, such as Shadow Sapphire Lower Plate Armor(18% Attack Damage)
This is also true for Critical Attack Damage. So for example, Anton Crit Ring: 15% Critical Attack Damage will not stack with other sources of Critical Attack Damage, such as Red Fang Bottoms(15% Critical Attack Damage).

To answer your question, it would absolutely stack normally with Cyan Hoop Armlet because that item only provides Physical/Magical/Independent Damage and a minor Skill Attack. If a piece of equipment doesn’t have any “this doesn’t stack with itself” warning, you can safely use multiple pieces with the same bonus type.

The other bonuses are Additional Damage, Additional Elemental Damage, All Attacks and Skill Attack. These will all stack with themselves, the difference is that Skill Attack will stack with itself multiplicatively rather than additively like the other ones.


I have all 3 weapons and granted its probably too late and you’ve already transferred maybe I can help.

Circulation is easily the weakest weapon of the 85+ kuno weapons and the reason is because in order to utilize all of the bonuses to CoE you have to play sub-optimally. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I know +CoE levels and the +CoE TP only affect your damage if you DONT clone cancel during your recording.

That said the charge speed bonus on circulation is nice quality of life and I typically use it whenever doing content I can blow up anyways.

For the rest, Circuit Cerebrate is the strongest at +10/+8, but its not too far ahead. It continues to get better if you break past +10 though.

Explosive Shadows has competitive damage with Circuit but has the added benefit of the +clone levels and the faster recharge time. If you’re broke and lazy like me and dont have +clone levels stacked decently, this is a big deal.

When you have both the circuit and the explosive shadows you can swap mid combo for the extra damage that’s better than either weapon by themselves.

Heres a quick and dirty nugol test to compare

+10/+8 Circuit Cerebrate:

+10 Explosive Shadows:

+9 Circulation:

+11 Blazing Vanq:

Explosive -> Circuit Swap:


How does the swapping work between explosive shadows and circuit?


Been told, they quick slot it ’ - ’ a
sounds annoying to do, but thats how they get their dmg . - . a


I mean how does the damage come out as you swap from one to the other?