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So does anyone know if the supposed changes to kuno on the 22nd actually happened or went through?

I am getting mixed answers and i just want confirmation on them. Or a link so i could google translate. :smiley:


I’ve translated to the best of my ability here.

The changes did go through, here.

Overall it looks like a damage nerf with Shadow Clone getting a heavy nerf bat. Neople even called it a “rework” but nothing fundamental to the class’s playstyle has changed at all. Kuno is still at the bottom of every single tier or popularity list.


Jay’s translation of live server changes is in this thread.

I still don’t really know what to think of it. Any rework was going to remove Afterimage skill switching, but I don’t know how the patch would really help a kuno player at the level that they would leverage that.


I mean we knew shadow clone skill switching was going to go. That was a given (ele and some other classes got skill switching removed). Something that stick out to me.

Nerfing Amaterasu and blazing blossom due to the hit count going up even though not all hits are garunteed?

The damage on 2a going up but them removing the skill effects. Overall 2a seems like a nuke you can hold and you get just attack speed and different attacks, nothing else. I would rather them go the full transform route with alot of kuno kit changing with 2a equip (why else would you equip a legendary sword) or just make the skill a straight up nuke that you can use in rotation (loses flavor but better than the bland thing they have made).

Giving use some fire dmg and more dmg on toad/decoy doesnt really make up for losing a lot of damage from the clone explosions on both shadow clone and cycles.

What i do like is them removing the hold effects from the tp on heavenly fire and blossom. Now i can actually put some points into them.

Wasnt the whole point of this was to not kill kuno dmg because of them having clones removed? I dont see a point in hitting numbers on some skills. Doesnt that defeat the purpose of fixing a lower damage class?


I get the impression that the damage nerfs on some of the skills is intended to compensate for 20% lower cooldown.

We have a reliable hold now with Flying Shuriken at least.

Shadow Clone change is actually quite significant. At the current level 15, we get a 140% mod. With the reworked version, this max is cut down to 120%, at which point it’s not really worthwhile to stack Shadow Clone levels anymore. Losing the explosion damage also hurts quite a bit, and Cycles got nerfed by 20% on top of all of that.

Fire Nin also got nerfed, though Neople claims it was increased. My current Nin level is 38 which is 65%, and this gets reduced to 40%.

Current Cycles Damage Rotation Modifiers:
140% (Shadow Clone) * (165% (Fire Nin base cast) + 100% (Cycles)) = 371% modifier

Post-Rework Cycles Damage Rotation Modifiers:
120% (Shadow Clone) * 140% (Fire Nin) * (100% (Base cast) + 80% (Cycles)) = 302.4% modifier

Yeah… this isn’t even including the damage loss from Dark Shadow rework yet either.


So if you could do that quick napkin math how come neople couldnt even do that?

I mean at least make it somewhat close. 302%~ rotation modifier isnt even close to 371%.

That’s not a rework, that’s a nerf.


Is anyone else having a bug where recasting Cycles of Eternity does absolutely nothing? This seemed to happen to me very rarely, but after switching to Tactical in the past few days now occurs every 2-3 hell runs, which makes it super annoying.

By nothing I mean that it consumes the Cycles charges, changes the background back to the normal color, but doesn’t replay any skills at all.


I have never had that bug happen to me before XD

Thats a first for me hearing about it too.


Aight I got a video of it: Kunoichi Bug

I’ll submit a ticket, but I don’t really have much hope that it’ll get fixed.


Forward this and any class bugs to @DOXOlove, as well. CAs generally have a better line of communication to Neople than Zendesk.


So all the old information i can find on kuno is very old anyone got any advice on skill build and gearing path?


Gearing Path:
If you just hit level 85/90 then somethings you will want to start with:

OV: Best Set for kunoichi is actually not a set. Its tainted pieces. Double taint in Red shadow clone (a must) and Green crimson flare or spiral wheel kunai (your pick; spiral for more burst on a low cd skill or more spread out dmg on all skills).

Make sure to pick up some Scorching heavens pieces for future update buff swap. Specifically: Shoulder, Belt, Shoes, Necklace, Bracelet, Magic Stone

Note: Green Crimson Flare taints are actually still bugged as far as I know in that they only apply to buff while equip so for now only +levels work.

Ancient: Not a light class, nor water class, and our damage isnt status based. So only option left is Dusky West Set. Only other must is Sea God Pants (+1 1-45lvl skills). Stacking Shadow Clone levels and damage is really a big priority for this class.

So Dusky 6pc + Sea God Pants + Shadow Clone Taints for the rest of the slots or any fire dmg legendaries you come across on the AH.

Of course epics if you come across them can replace the taints as well.

Weapons: Trying to take RNG away from this Fire Release: Blazing Vanquisher is an amazing weapon to have. Though it seems most are overpricing it currently but if you save up for it definitely a good buyable weapon. Other than that, a halidom or reconstruction weapon works due to +1 level in shadow clone. Other than that usual requiem/liberation chakra can do.

Echon Gear: Should prioritze getting to mcrit cap first (97% currently) then prioritze fire dmg.

Now Skill build:

Must Maxes:
All Passives (green) (excluding 1a passive)
All Buffs (Blue)
All 2a Skills
Multi shuriken
Spiral Wheel Kunai

SP Dumps/Preference:
Heavenly Fire
Blazing Blossom
0 points:
Spiral Flame Shuriken (i still personally hate this skill before rework but to each their own for SP dumps:woman_shrugging:)

1 point wonders:
Flying Shuriken
1a Passive (@Necrofancy just showed me the skill doesnt scale well with levels so SP should be put elsewhere)
Toad (not for the skill for the red magatama)

TP Maxed:
Shadow Clone
Multi Shuriken
Spiral Wheel Kunai

Kunai Mastery
Dark Shadow
Heavenly Fire
Blazing Blossom (Care in party play as this can mess up your party; no longer issue after rework)

Everything else: not worth or good

Hope this helps.

EDIT (10/9): Changes to SP use suggestions,


I’ve heard mixed things about burning stigma whether to max it. For flying shuriken, only level 1? I thought it does pretty good damage and has good multi hit which is helpful for my NG set.


Maxing flying shuriken is also an option but the main reason for using it is either:
A. for immediately proccing 3rd stage assassination
B. grouping if u need it

Having NG could definitely be a reason to pick to max if it helps ur procs.

Now the only reason i heard ppl not maxing burning stigma was because ppl would get to reflect gimmicks and kill themselves (old OV reflects or agnes). Reason I am against not maxing burning stigma is because it provides fire resist reduction on marked enemies. Ele shred is good. The small dmg is just a small bonus in this case. I dont know why ppl say not to take 1a passive.

If you ever run into a dmg reflect gimmick just go into your skill menu in dungeon and just turn the pass OFF. Personally i think people are just to lazy to do this (I was too, then i wiped party at agnes because agnes decided to chase me… the passive does more dmg the closer they are).


kuno mystery

Sorry if this is double posting but i didnt wanna conjest everything into 1 post.

Does anyone know what the level 9 effect means. Is it hp shred or just increased dmg? I am asking this because sometimes 1a will top my dmg chart for some reason unconsistantly and Ive igonred this for too long maining this class.

Also does anyone know how much fire resist reduction it is? ;D
dmg spike

Example of the spike when testing some gear and it throws my testing off…


The resist shred on Stigma is a bad joke. Putting an additional 16 levels into the passive nets you 5 fire damage.

Ancient Memory is competitive with max Stigma, up until you’re under the 1st awakening of a very strong Crusader. That’s ridiculously bad for a 1st awakening passive.


how do you get 5 fire damage from 6 reduction and 13 reduction?


I’m comparing the benefits of MAXing it to the L1 effects. You get 2/3 of that resistance shred for free.

This is how much resistance shred you get from L1, which is free for awakening.

It’s not even 5 elemental damage difference because I don’t have a +1 awakening. That’s optimal, must-max usage of 675 SP to you? This isn’t even a 1% damage for me.


Oh never paid attention to the level difference. Welp TIL :thinking:

Then again the dmg on the passive goes up a lot for consistent dmg. Probably not enough to grant using it though.

So what do you level instead of 1a passive out of curiousity (so i can update my advice above to be accurate).

Note: Now thinking about it this is probably why they put all the fire dmg onto the 1a after rework.