Is it true that KDnF is currently trying to make swap gear obsolete?


i’ve heard from a fellow guildie or two that some very recent updates to KDnF have been killing off snapshot buffs, mostly to sader so far (e.g. DI and such), but apparently a few →→+space type buffs have been getting this treatment as well.

i’m having trouble finding this info, both here and on Reddit, so i’m assuming there’s no translations yet, and i can’t navigate the KDnF site for the life of me as Google Translate obviously doesn’t translate pictures… please say it ain’t so :frowning:


Pretty sure this isn’t the case since they just got the buff swap system. This didn’t remove snapshots, just made them non-intrusive (unless you’re a male sader).

Certain buffs lost base stats (str/int), and many became generic party buffs, and certain buffs can’t be snapshotted anymore, but generally they’re compensated for.


Its the opposite really?

Every class that had a non snapshot buff(grapplers for example) was made to be able to swap, and many classes without swaps, DTs, creators, DKs etc were GIVEN swaps.

The swap ui has been put in place specfically to make swapping a good easy thing for buffing.

Live swaps in terms of DAMAGE are being removed, Ala me swapping to savior at the right split second of jumping off tree with werry to get the full benefits of both werry and savior and increasing my damage by an extra 35% at the cost of it being a pain in the ass. These kinds of things make classes VERY hard to balance around, its why ele was just reworked, the difference between a nonsnap shot and a snapshot ele was like legit 75%+ damage because of the level of snap shotting they did, so if you were not good enough or didnt want to snap shot, you were just trash.

Removing live damage snapshots is healthy for the game.


alright cool, thanks for the replies. didn’t know which skills were getting their swaps removed because all i got was “i dunno, check the site”… except i can’t read Korean. :v