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Might as well start with something. Do you guys play Inferno as a holder? What’s a good hold rotation?


I was planning on getting gracia set before, heart tendering grief. Cause ATM I can’t solo with current rares, getting carries. Hoping I get any axe. Cause they all good 85-90. What’s the goal after vilmark set? Is it possible to get into raid as support?


She has good holding in Raid, but needing Heartrending Grief on an Inq is news to me. A class like Mistress is better for it.

And…you’re soloing Ancients on rares? Getting a Halidom set will carry you farther than that.


There Seems to be very little info floating around about inferno so I’m looking for some guidance. As a fresh 90 I assume I aim for the regular swap equipment like hi tech ring and sea gods but is there anything else for buff swap?

Would someone also be so kind to link their build or suggest skills to have maxed with TP?

Final question is in regards to holding, when it comes to raids now how does the usual rotation look when we come into a boss room

Thanks for taking the time to look and hopefully answer and help me and others new to the class


As for any other class, there’s a swap set (fanatic’s tears), time traveler’s silver watch/navarre’s insignia (hell/phase 1 of anton), Hyperion/deadly sabbath (epic BA has +3 to fervent, legendary adds +4% crit damage), and the current event avatar package has titles that give 1~3 levels to skills.

Max your cubes except for vortex (1) and infernal rage (0,1), Max punishing wallop, flede’s essence, dump the rest in firebomb. Obviously max your passives, quick rebound, and crit chance. As for TP, I max decollation, essence, and christening, get holy fire, and dump the rest in summary.

How you hold depends on what’s needed. For anton, you can be lax on certain bosses, such as tog, mainly interrupting his suction attack, possibly using essence to hold him so he doesn’t iframe as often. For more teleport/movement happy bosses, essence -> purifying -> 1a -> essence -> 2a will be one of your more effective chains. Obviously it will be mostly up to your discretion. Only thing to keep in mind is that the end of 2a has you fall a short distance; against slower or more derpy bosses, this isn’t a big deal, but against bosses like nerbe or agnes, that 1 foot drop could make the difference.


Thank you for giving a good detailed response i appreciate it. Do buff skills have a cap or can you stack as many levels as possible ? A question about the swap weapon, is the 3 levels better then 4% as a swap? I saw the new event and will try picking what I can for her but I assume the dragon force aura is better eh.

Again thank you so much for the run down on holding for Anton and suggestions for gear / build


“Infernal” Rage, as in Noble Rage, right?

Heh, I remember when Punishing Wallop wasn’t recommended.


All skills technically have a cap, but buffs are the only one you’ll reach naturally. You can get 10 more levels out of any buff via +level gear, while +x% for the buff has no cap. Whether you use Hyperion or Sabbath depends on how many levels you have. Hyperion gives 3 levels in faith, while Sabbath is worth 2 levels. 17 or less, Hyperion is better, at 18 they break even, and at 19 and 20 (cap) Sabbath is better.

Basically Sabbath is better once you’ve gotten other +level gear and are looking to min-max harder.


You said you can get 10 more levels out of a buff skill by gear but is that the cap? ( additional 10 levels or can you go past that but its usually just hard or limited to what we have availabe )

I heard in general chat the other day some people talking about the top 3 absolute best weapons in the game, ( I assume that means they even beat upgraded savior). 1 was soul devourer, the other was some dagger I believe and the 3rd was planet destroyer. Is PD really that good and the addition attack that strong to be the best weapon in the game? I assume it’s not the +4 skill stacking .

I know the class isn’t really a damage dealer but after fervent faith buff what would be the best emblems for battle? Should I look into battle axe mastery emblems?


PD is suppose to be the second best supposedly, but the +4 really goes to how it makes our awakenings super strong. It also helps how easy it is to build those levels too (about 2-3 rooms to build up 4 levels usually)
Honestly the class in the beginning may not seem like a damage dealer, but in the future epic rework of her upgraded millennium set, her damage becomes quite scary. Just use the battle axe mastery plats.
By the by, one geared inferno I know easily hit 1.9bill 2A damage on Ferman with the upgraded millennium set (that’s without the reworks) so she does huge damage if you focus on her.


Thanks for the reply and insight, that’s awesome to hear she does infact do damage and I look even more forward to gearing her up. So you opinion is battle axe plats are the best for a damage setup or can we get something else that boost our damage/ skill. Like can we cant get awakening plats right?


“You said you can get 10 more levels out of a buff skill by gear but is that the cap?”

In terms of levels, yes. That’s where tainted chronicle gear and legendary weapons that give +x% come in. Let’s say you hit level 10 fervant without Hyperion: if you get sabbath, that will still increase your buff. The green aura from otherverse when applied with your skill will do similar, but in smaller quantities, and you usually don’t have room for them unless you min-max the shit out of the class.

For the record, this is true of all classes save female crusader. Her buff goes is mastered at 10, but maxed at 40; this is because it serves two functions: her party support and her own damage buff. At 20, the damage buff caps off, but the support carries on.


Honestly there are no awakening plats or that would change the game a little, and if there were 2A passive plats id use those over Battle Axe Mastery.
I would honestly save your gold to min-max yourself on your swap gear before even considering the Battle Axe Mastery plats though. The return on those doesn’t even show to the human eye.


I would love to know that geared inferno’s gear, as I have full nagaraja/senses/civ with a +12 planet destroyer, and I hit 1.2bil 2A after plate stacking and potions. 1.3bil if I pet swap, which isn’t reasonable since i play with a controller.


I do know it’s +13 PD non amped and I think he has the same gear but it’s around +10~ amped. If I run luke raid with him again I’ll snap a pic. I dont know the enhancements though


Would planet destroyer be worth transferring to a char or would it just be better to use the eyes to keep running hell and hope it drops eventially. Also what is civ?


Depends on a couple of things:

  1. How many other equips do you still need from hell?
  2. How many fragments are you away from crafting?
  3. What is PD going to enable you to do that you aren’t doing right now?

Weapon transfers are cheaper than other transfers, but you should still think over it a fair bit.


Hmm when put that way the answer would probably be no as I’m not even close to crafting it and having no other epics on her. My thinking was that it was BIS so being able to upgrade it right away would be a nice dmg increase but I can do most content I have attempted with my gear atm minus pand rift (haven’t tried echon but was planning on skipping it and continue to farm gracia till I get epics).


I set up an inquisitor discord that anybody is free to join. I want to try and get an inquisitor luke raid going, so I figured having a discord would be a good first step. Discord