In regards to the new hell mode

  1. Is there anyone that has a video of an epic dropping that someone selected as one of their 5 desired epics?

  2. What is the overall consensus of the new hell dungeon for people in kdnf?

a. I heard only whales run it because they don’t care about returns and would rather get epics faster.

b. I’ve also heard that its good for mains, but bad for alts (because you want to give souls/orbs to your main.)

Does anyone know if the majority of people do this new dungeon instead of old hell?



I think most people still do regular hell for being more efficient, but do the “new” thing to save time since you burn thru DI much faster etc. So a person who barely has 30 min - 1 hour of play time before they have to go, can burn thru hell like x2 or x3 the rate of normal.


it’s also good for people that can’t do slayer hell like pair a saint with a weak dps. Or if you just want to do hellparty with a friend.


Vid of someone getting their selected epic.

In general, its useful if you want to gear someone up in various or want to run with a friend. Or if you generally don’t care about new getting souls/orbs.

I ran it a few times and kept track of my rates:

730 invites: 0 epics, 2 special dungeons

728 invites: 3 epics

1028 invites: 2 special dungeons, 3 epics

My luck felt better in this new mode compared regular hell mode but it was pretty w/e overall. Felt nice for awhile but I did miss getting souls/orbs so I switched back.


woah nice thanks for sharing that! diff sound and cool effect! never seen before!

thanks everyone for your input