I love DFO: an essay


Back when I started middle school, I was a bit of a lonely kid. After graduating elementary school at 5th grade, I then moved from St. Louis over to North Carolina. Having just moved I hadn’t made any friends and we moved during the first month of summer so I had the whole summer before I could go to school and start meeting people. During this time I picked up a lot of hobbies in order to entertain myself and maybe to stave off the loneliness too. A lot of hobbies that I still have till this day like animating, drawing, and making games. My family wasn’t poor, but my parents didn’t like taking me to buy new games too often and with all the free time I had I sometimes blazed through games way to quickly. As a result, I started looking for places where I could play games for free. This brought me to 2 different places that changed my life. 1 was a sorta old school message board that I’ll get to later, but the other was free online mmo’s.
Being a middle schooler with no money meant I couldn’t buy and play the bigger mmos that were out at the time like World of Warcraft since I couldn’t keep up with the monthly subscription and my computer I had at the time couldn’t run anything to graphically intensive. If you know me, you know this is a running theme in my life. However, instead of poor management, it was because I always inherited my dad’s old computers when he got new ones, thanks to this, I was always a generation behind and owned a computer that was already quite old whenever I got a “new” computer. So I needed games that weren’t to graphically intensive. I found 3 MMOs that I could run on my old pc, that I had fun playing, and most important were free. No money spent. First one I got into was S4 League. It’s a game that I don’t play anymore, having quit around my first year of college but is still very important to me and near and dear to my heart. The other one was project blackout. CS:GO for people who couldn’t afford CS:GO. It now goes by the name point blank after rebranding. Its also something I loved but maybe wasn’t that attached to. The one that really stuck with me till this day, is Dungeon Fighter Online. DFO for short.
DFO was a game that I fell in love with just from the premise alone. An arcade beat ‘em up with rpg elements and was also an mmo! Gave me a chance to be a bit social online and I loved playing it. It was middle school so I was playing back when Nexon still owned the game. I looked at my character options and liked what I was seeing. At the time, since it was still summer the only places I ever went was the pool, church, and home. Since all I really knew at the moment was the church life, I went with the priest. I know priests! They’re those holy dudes. I get to pray at the bad guys, alright awesome! He even looks cool with his long hair and the giant dumb cross on his chest. Remember, this was back when the priests looked like some sort of bible themed super hero rather than the slick look they have now. I made my first journey into Arad like that. Even after school started I remember coming home straight just to play more of my mmos. Making friends along the way and “getting good” at the game. I got a little too busy to play the game very often in 8th grade. Last year before high school. So I really didn’t play very often. Maybe once every couple of months? By the time I finally returned with some free time and tried playing the game again, I learned that it had actually been shut down, and that Nexon had let go of this project. I still had my other 2 mmo’s but I was devastated, because DFO was definitely my favorite of the 3.
Time went on and in high school, (in sophomore year, I think?) I found that they had brought DFO back! I was ecstatic. I was actually showing up late a bit to the party, the game had been back for at least some time now. At the time they were advertising that beta participants could still get their special whatever-it-was for signing in. I made an account immediately. Everything was a bit familiar, but also really different. What was this honey time thing? Hey there’s some new characters that weren’t there before. Yo, why does the priest look so smooth now? He looks like he runs a club somewhere. In the holy name of Jesus, of course. Of course if I’m doing this again, starting from level 1, I’m picking my boy, the priest again. Since I didn’t really have any friends to play it with me, I picked the doll maker job, and would just make my own helpers. I decided my goal: to reach max level this time. I never reached max level the last time I played. So I started my lone journey to high ranks. This was a fun thing id do after school. Playing very often when id come back from high school. I actually managed to get to level 85 solo before realizing that there are actually more levels after that as well. So my journey isn’t completely over yet, but I reached the first level cap. And im currently level 86 and still working to hit 90.
As you can tell by now, I love this game. While I admit to not being good at it and not knowing as much as I probably should considering how long ive played this game for, I still find it to be an amazing experience. While I solo’d to max level on my main, I wanted to experience what the game is like with actual friends. So I kind of roped a few of my friends into playing with me. We made Worst_guild as a way for us to get together and enjoy dfo. Our goal is once again to hit max level, but together as a team. I know they aren’t as invested in this game as I am, but I do appreciate them for putting up with me and playing this game with me for as long as they have. I really did enjoy getting to go through dfo with them so far. I also decided I would be more social with dfo, and I joined up with the dfo forums and dfo discord. Hoping to maybe meet people who know more about the game than I do, and to make friends who are into this game as much as I am along the way. I love dfo. I’m also learning to love the community. I try to catch the streams and see the antics of dunjin and friends and I try to keep an eye out for updates and events. The games not perfect. Far from it in fact. The game can even be bad at certain points. But the love the community and the makers have for this game have kept me coming back. I’ll burn myself out sometimes, but dfo is a game that I can always come back to. It’s an ongoing part of my life that I just love to much to leave. While I try to become a more active member, I will always remember how much fun this game has given me. I hope to keep playing for many more years. Long live DFO.