I have some questions about the game when I hit level 90


firstly what is this challenger and expert and so on which says it increases your tier?
is it possible to level up above 90?
and how the hell do you clear the legendary dungeon which has lv 110 enemies waiting for you?


1: It’s for your explorer club, you can keep getting experience to level up your explorer club for various benefits across your entire account.
2: Not as of our current version
3: You mean interdimensional rift? It shouldn’t be too hard on level 1.


He said legendary. I’m think he meant Echon, which, btw OT, you have to be Legendary yourself to stand a chance. That’s where Interdimensional Rift comes in.


no not the interdimensional rift the legendary dungeon which unlocks after ending all the story quests


yes this one any tips on how to clear it?


Basic gist of it is keep mobs together, keep minibosses juggling, do not relent, and learn boss patterns. It depends on your class which you haven’t mentioned.


my class is nen emperor
but they just keep coming more than I kill I think the problem is my equipment can you give some tips on getting good equipment?


Since you’re M.Nen, you must get the 6pc Gracia legendary set (5 armors + sub equip) and his buff swap OV set. For accessories, get the Fish accessories from Red Witch or, if you’re in a hurry, get a 3pc leg set (Great Glory or Buried Scream). You should also get Liberation Knuckle or Terra Reconstruction knuckle. This guide explains all of those sets and more.