HUD, Skill Icon, Damage Number Mods


Does anyone have some damage number mods? That changes that native ones to something better? Searched around online and people keep linking to purpledragon mods, but it doesn’t exist anymore. (Excluding the blog that’s member’s only.) I’d appreciate it if anyone would rar or link me to some resources to where I could download them myself, thanks!


Here is one, It’s In Chinese though - DNF模型补丁站 - 17173dnf专区 -网络游戏第一门户站,
At least for now, Till I get my own Website back up.


My own site is : - I will have the links to relevant mods up soon.




Your welcome!


What software do you use to edit?


Mostly PS Cs6, But I start out first in PIXELFORMER, It’s takes a Bit, But it’s worth it.