howto: Graduating from being a toaster


Ok so considering the fact that its summer season and some kids out there might be working to scrounge up some money to build a new computer I thought I’d post a quick overview of what it is that gives you toaster rating and building a system to graduate from the toaster status.

Toaster is the collective term used for hardware that is able to run DFO but really poorly so. Like the ones whose game freezes or FPS drops below 5 when encountering a summoner as well as the deadbeat that takes a minute to load in when starting a run.

Our current client of DFO currently pretty much runs off CPU and has zero multi core utilization. Meaning that having more cores doesn’t increase DFO performance, in fact you’ll find that the low end of i5 / i7 / ryzen 5 / ryzen 7 perform worse than some of the high end i3 / ryzen 3 processors due to those higher clock speed. It also means bad news for typical laptop users as the laptop version of CPUs runs at much lower clock rate than desktop processors. The game will put more load on the CPU depending on game FPS as well as the amount of sprites in the game. A typical case of massive slowdown when say a DT uses destroyer on a bunch of enemies would come from the extra load as the CPU has the apply the magic hit sprite, dark element hit sprite, damage numbers sprite, DT passive effect sprite, etc on every enemy. Using mods to remove these hit sprites help. Capping the FPS to 60 via the in-game options also helps.

DFO doesn’t use any hardware acceleration and has no requirement on GPU. It doesn’t run any better on a GTX1080TI compared to the integrated graphics of your processor. If you’re just playing DFO and no other games then you can practically skip the GPU part.

DFO is around 10GB(14 GB install) of assets and it loads parts of it as you transition between zones in game as well as the first time you enter a certain dungeon. Around 1.4GB of it is loaded into the memory, meaning that DFO will run fine on a windows system with only 4GB of memory. I would recommend 8GB however as thats enough to run DFO, discord/QQ and chrome with youtube and several tabs of sadpanda(or hentai site of choice) at the same time. Memory speed will also affect loading, with some difference present stuff and old DDR3, especially the ones found in laptops.

The game loads stuff during the initial start, during area changes, during start of a stage and also actively streams avatar sprite data as people wearing other stuff appears in your screen. Installing and running the game off an SSD greatly helps this, and if you encounter lots of stuttering / lag in high populated lobbies (like during anton) installing a mod that hides all avatars and makes everyone naked helps too.

Putting things all together: [System Builder - Core i3-8100 3.6GHz Quad-Core, Elite 110 Mini ITX Tower - PCPartPicker] here’s an example build on PCpartpicker that will run DFO very well for less than 420 usd. I picked an mini-itx here, you could probably save some more money by going atx or micro atx board + chassis. Add in an GTX1050 and you’ll be able to run any current popular titles (csgo, dota, lol, fortnite, etc) at reasonable rate.

TLDR you don’t need to spend $1400 for a computer just to run DFO well.