How to Download this Specific Mod?


This Raven from Korea uploaded a test video with mods he was using and posted in the comments where to download it. Upon inspection, I couldn’t find a download link to it.

Anyone wanna simplify it and put it as a mediashare file?


Link to video: 레이븐 \" Shadow (Ver. R) \" 스킨 리뷰 수련의 방 (Feat. V)


Oh, and if anyone could find his 2nd Awakening Raven cut-in scene mod, that’d be spectacular.


As far as the 2nd awakening scene cut-in , It’s the default one for that character.

unfortunately, The recolors and sounds that is featured in the video is hosted by a Korean Blog “NAVER”, You’ll need an account there to be able to download it, But it looks like the author may have stopped sharing it.


That’s a default? Pretty dope.

Also, damn. Thanks Toone.


I know this is months late, but I just created an account to download this mod 핍트의 스킨 블로그 : 네이버 블로그, but I can’t seem to find a link?


The guy is charging gold/cash for the use of the mod. So unless you figure out how to paypal him the cash or find a kdnf account to give him the gold your out of luck