how is this site still alive


ye let me just return to the thing that started my downward spiral

hobbies cost too much and living alone means I can’t use money
I want foreign investors to LEAVE


Invest in weed. Canada is about to smell like shit, might as well make some money out of it.


have I got a surprise for you

few months old but yeah I’m the weed queen now
it only helps a little


I’m reporting you for drugs!


oh well


Where did it all go wrong…?


Anime did this.


dfo put me on a path of depressed gay
then I became straight but gay again

dfo makes you double gay but it didn’t cancel out

two negatives just make one bigger negative, math class lied to u all


Gay is the way !!


h-holy shit

Looks like you started in March? omedetou

50 mg spiro and 1 mg estradiol is pretty baby tier though


I’m doubled now, probably going to be at around 3mg/150mg next visit with the endo I think.

Bottom from Late April, top from just the other day. It’s doing stuff it seems

my dick has lost all control of the mind, but now my heart is on damage control constantly, I sure love double puberty!!


I’ve been on them for barely 2 months now so it’s progress

also I quit effexor because fuck that noise
withdrawal from that was real

I still don’t enjoy life but at least I’m accepting how I look like in hopes of it changing in the coming years. dunno if I should’ve quit it, but effexor made me bloated and fat so it’s still a net gain from hating how i look and not being able to lose weight despite eating healthy

weed has been the only thing not to betray my trust so there’s that going for me


haha drugs

degenerates 4lyfe


do what you gotta do to get by