How do I get Advancement costumes?


Currently, I’m playing as an Agent who recently became a Troubleshooter. My Agent has the shotgun and the square sword all ready to go, but he’s still wearing the same outfit from when he was first created. How do I get the Troubleshooter costume?


Well, it looks to me like Advancement costumes don’t exist at all. I watched some of the demo videos on and many of them clearly showed the characters in their default outfits. The only videos I saw that didn’t show a character in their default outfit were two videos of the Female Gunner and even then, the outfits she did wear didn’t match anything shown in her artworks. If I’m right in assuming that Advancement costumes don’t exist at all then, well… On one hand, I’m okay with this. Sure, the characters only have one available costume outside the Item Shop’s selection, but not only are their default outfits free, but they’re permanent. Why wouldn’t they be? On the other hand, if the Advancement costumes aren’t actually in the game, why is there artwork of them to begin with? I mean, give Elsword some credit. Sure, the promotion costumes in that game disappear after a while, but at least they’re there. If you’re gonna have artwork of characters in certain costumes, those costumes should be available in the game. And maybe they could also learn from Elsword’s mistakes and make the Advancement costumes permanent, but that doesn’t seem likely. Well, whatever the case, I’m not gonna quit the game over this. At least we have one free permanent costume.