Holy Ghost Power! Battle Sader Build Post-Infinite


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Hello everybody! My name is Joham, I'm a level 86 Crusader (Dhovak), and I figured I'd take a shot at creating a Battle Sader build for my own reference after the May 30 Infinite Equilibrium Patch introduced Holy Mace. This will be my first build or post in the years I've been playing. If anybody has any notes or suggestions please let me know I'm open to criticism. With that said, here is my build:


This build is up to date for Level 90 cap in the Infinite Equilibrium Update.

General/Priest Skills

[​IMG] [​IMG] Quick Rebound+Backstep

Must have, from level 1, on all characters.

[​IMG] Giant Weapon Launcher

Personal preference. You automatically get 1 level in this skill. I max it because of the extra damage when using Holy Ghost Mace and Jupiter.

[​IMG] Phoenix Hammer

I put 1 point in this skill for Jupiter utility. Kinda nice to get out of sticky situations and come crashing back down onto your enemies.

[​IMG] Focus: Magical Critical

Must Max imo. 10% Magical Crit Chance is nothing to sneeze at, and the SP cost is minimal.

Crusader Skills

[​IMG] Holy Ghost Mace

MAX! This skill right here single-handedly made Battle Saders a class all their own. It fundamentally changes many of the Crusader's active skills, disables the use of many Support heavy buffs, and does so much more that I will just put an info dump here. Long story short, MAX THIS SKILL!

Holy Ghost Mace Info

-Has the following Passive effects.

a) Disables Wisdom Blessing, Divine Invocation, Dawn Blessing, Strike, Spiritual Sacrifice, and Fountain of Life.

b) Makes Aura of Conviction increase your skill Atk.

c) Adds unique Atk. to Divine Flash.

  • Has the following Active effects.

a) All Attack skills can be canceled.

b) Changes Normal attacks to unique 3-hit attacks.

c) Active skills can be used in the middle of Normal attacks.

d) Giant Weapon Launcher and Phoenix Hammer use a mace to attack.

e) Spear of Victory Super-holds enemies in Super Armor mode. (Not related to Spear of Victory Upgrade)

f) Instantly equips Thunder Hammer: Jupiter. (Additionally activates all skill Atk. increase and skill effect change options.)

g) Apocalypse instantly activates its finishing attack, and increases its own Atk. and Attack Speed.

h) Increases Holy Sanctuary Atk. at the cost of its pentacle creation count.

i) Deletes Divine Punishment's holy power-concentrating process, and makes the skill deliver a set number of multi attacks (Punishment) before the finishing attack.

j) Divine Flash cannot be used on party members. Its explosion size increases.

  • Disables the Enemy Elemental Resistance Reduction options of Blades of Purity and Thunder Hammer: Jupiter.

  • Increases skill Atk. for all skills. (+40% when mastered)

[​IMG] Blades of Purity

1 for Pre-req.

[​IMG] Grace of Courage

Passive Strength and Int. What more could you want? Max

[​IMG] Revenge of Light

Gives every attack a chance to proc a lightning strike. Get at least 1 on this skill, though I choose to max it.

[​IMG] Spear of Victory

Leave at 1 for hold utility and pre-req. Holy Mace allows it to hold super armored and Building type enemies. YAS.

[​IMG] Crashing Cross

Hit an enemy with this and you get a nice attack strength buff. I max this for the damage and to get the TP to increase the buff duration, but you can leave it at 1 for just the buff.

[​IMG] Deflection Wall+Pressure Wall Upgrade

I get 1 in the Wall plus its upgrade for utility purposes. Helps move mobs around and hold them.

[​IMG] Flash Sphere + Flash Shrapnel Upgrade

I max this skill and make it one of my nukes. Does tons of damage and you can control where it spawns using the directional keys.

Haptism (No Skill Icon, sorry!)

I max this skill for damage though it is mostly used for utility. Pulls enemies in with a light explosion.

[​IMG] Hammer of Repentance

Awesome damage, awesome range, and has a chance to make any surviving enemies turn against their allies. Max.

[​IMG] Righteous Judgment

With Holy Ghost Mace, this skill's area of effect is much larger than before and with the TP, this skill comes out in no time. I definitely max this.

Paladin Skills (1st Awakening)

[​IMG] Aura of Conviction

With Holy Ghost Mace, Aura of Conviction now increases your skill attack considerably. Definitely Max

[​IMG] Apocalypse

This skill automatically levels up as you do so obviously max. With Holy Ghost Mace active, the buff part of this skill is gone, so when you cast it you get only the attack part, and it's made stronger. Yes please.

Miracle Splitter (No Skill Icon, sorry!)

Crusader now gets his own charging crash. Damage is underwhelming, but the skill is fun. I use this as an SP dump.

Doom Spear (No Skill Icon, sorry!)

I love this skill. It's just a lot of fun to use honestly. You shoot a light spear in the air, knock enemies back, and then the spear comes back down, explodes, and launches enemies in the air. Great for clearing trash mobs and crowd control. I max this.

Saint Skills (2nd Awakening)

[​IMG] Holy Sanctuary

Holy Ghost Mace changed this to do only 2 hits, the last one being the finisher. That said, those two hits are massively damaging. Not to mention the range as you can pop this anywhere. I max this, no question.

[​IMG] Divine Flash

While this skill is normally used to refresh buffs, Holy Ghost Mace made it so that this skill's explosion radius and damage are increased. I use this as part of my arsenal of holy nukes. Max for sure.

[​IMG] Thunder Hammer Jupiter

Favorite. Skill. Ever. Of all time. Changes your basic attack string like Holy Ghost Mace does, only the range is longer, the chance to proc RoL is higher, and, with Holy Ghost Mace active, it is permanent and instantly equipped when you press the skill key as opposed to you having to pick it up off the ground. Max. MAX!

[​IMG] Ascension

I already loved this skill. As a Hybrid Sader I could build up the stacks of Ascension super quickly and then use them to summon divine lasers based on how many stacks I built up. But now, with Holy Ghost Mace (can you tell I love this new buff?!), you instantly gain a predetermined amount of Ascension stacks to use in the attack portion of the skill, not to mention that the damage is increased considerably. Max this and enjoy your newfound Godhood.

TP Skills

[​IMG] Revenge Of Light Upgrade - More damage, Higher chance.

[​IMG] Crashing Cross Upgrade - More damage, Faster Cross, Longer buff duration.

[​IMG] Righteous Judgment Upgrade - More Damage, Faster hits, Less Duration.

Haptism Upgrade - More damage. Plain and simple.

And that's it! Sorry I couldn't find the skill icons for every skill. DFO World Wiki is still catching up to this update, I suppose. Again, any notes, comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Be blessed!

Recovery of CalmSnorlax’s Post on Jun 1, 2017 at 6:25 PM

Crashing Cross should be left at one, the SP could be used in better places for Damage Elsewhere and you get the skill attack bonus at level 1.

I still have to run numbers on Doom Spear and Miracle Splitter, but they're currently maxed in my build. Other than that, most people do

This is Anton Raid, no buffer.

Recovery of tetsmega’s Post on Jun 7, 2017 at 5:41 AM

While miracle splitter isn't that great, it has some utility in some dungeons. Still wouldn't recommend using it for actual damage though, but consider at least 1 point even as a support sader for pushing or helping group mobs.

Recovery of Nanyr’s Post on Jun 27, 2017 at 5:09 PM

Do you have any information on what endgame gears battle saders should use? With the new Weapon of mass liberation event, which weapon is the most ideal for a battle sader, and which is a good fit for support sader?