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We’re always moving on the surface.

So, who immediately disavowed Overwatch and Surprise Attack? After the last two subclasses, I’m more wary of what skills to drop in order to save SP.


overwatch is gone for me im keeping surprise attack since its a better version of slash from Crimson Rose, imma try to focus my hitman on just bullets bullets and you guessed it more bullets


I’ve always seen Hitman as the male Crimson Rose, and it gets more and more true with each skill I get.


For me it’s Surprise Cut and Bill Drill that I don’t really like.


bill drill is a nice hold can be useful for zombies during anton


IKR but just with more bullets so many more bullets


More like having more melee skills that are damaging and have substantive areas of effect.


and lower CDs


as bad surprise attack’s damage is, it’s pretty decent gap closer, and you’re sliding in with style


Bill Drill is pretty good.

Suprise skills (Attack/Cut) aren’t too distant from each other.

Dead6 is something I still need to mess more with. On nongrapables, It’s pretty good. But Grabables LOL.

On unrelated notes, check this out lol


Just Halidoms?


Contract makes sp more tight. I could max all the cubes with Concentrated Fire and only can pick 2

  • Alpha Strike
  • Suprise Cut/Attack
  • Overwatch
  • Carecole


Is it me, or is our 1st Awakening active weak af?


What the hell’s with Final Strike and Tsubame Gaeshi over here that hard stun/hold enemies, but still get Suparna and Nornil to proc?


do you mean the dab slice?


Final Strike and Shattering Strike


Was sceptical at first but really like dab strike. Has a deceptively long range


I expanded my secret agent spreadsheet to have a spreadsheet for hitmen. Enjoy. Secret Agent + Hitman Skills - Google Sheets


One more Echon set out of the way. Wish I could give it a PDrift test drive if it weren’t for the fucking DC bug.

Oh…never mind. Oh wow.