Help with Tooter's Cloud Mod?


Hi, I’m RisanF, and I’m new to DFO. I’ve been wanting to try out Tooter’s Cloud Strife Advent Children mod for the blade master, so I followed his instructions. The sprites for the character show up, and they look really sweet, but I don’t know how to get the Fusion Sword weapon skin to show. Apparently, the weapon skins seem to be placed over event avatar weapon skins, but I don’t know how to get these right now. I know virtually nothing about MMOs, so I’m just guessing these skins are part of an MMO events that’s already over. Can anyone help me?


It would take a very long time to swap every sword in the game, which is why I stick with swapping sword skins instead.
I can swap your main weapon for you though if you want.


Thanks! I’m still early in the same, so I’m using a Zweihander.


You’d probably out level the sword by the time I modded it, if you haven’t already lol.
Are there any weapon skins in the auction hall? I haven’t played the game in a whlie but I know some cera packages have skin boxes that sell pretty cheap while they’re available.