Hello kinda new so I had a question about armors and damage.


Are types of armor that important? I mean a Cloth armor compared to a light armor to an Prime for example, if light armor gives a bit better effects, would be too much of a downgrade than using a cloth armor? Of course i know there are set effects and everything but loose pieces, would it make much of a difference?

Also I heard about this Independent and percentage classes, its kinda confusing, independent I guess its skill damage?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Don’t think about the stats of different armor types, but your class’ armor mastery. Your M.Mech is cloth armor mastery, therefore he gains more stats from wearing such (you can tell by looking at the stat windows that there are bonuses you gain). This applies to every rarity of armor except Epics, where even individual pieces factor into damage so much that armor mastery stats are negligible. This holds especially true once your Prime gets (for example) a 5/5 Metal Line. You think you’re gonna give a shit about mastery when you got 55% ATTACK DAMAGE AND 25% BONUS DAMAGE?

There are percent classes and fixed damage classes. Percent class’ damage scale through Phys./Mag. Attack stats, hence why reinforcing weapons is necessary. Fixed class’ damage scale through Independent attack, hence why refining weapons is necessary. Independent damage is basically the amount that increases fixed damage.


Okay thank you :slight_smile: