Hello, I'm Chinese. I may need some help. Thank you very much.


I am using translation software now.

Because my English is too poor.

I hope you can understand it.

I am a video Porter in China.

Dedicated to discovering nostalgia, the older DVOs or videos called DNFs or DOFs, the better

If you happen to see or own very ancient dungeons and warriors videos made by yourself, such as 2007, 2010 or earlier

And would like to tell me your tube address, I would appreciate it very much.

I will upload this video to bilibili, a youth community in China, and note the people who provided the video and the producers of the video.


Thank you very much for your support.

Attached is the Chinese version, which you can translate by yourselves.


我是一位中国的 视频搬运工 视频转载人
致力于发觉怀旧,远古的DFO 或者叫 DNF 或者是DOF 的视频 越古老越好
如果你恰好看到或者拥有自己制作的 非常远古的地下城与勇士 视频 比如 2007年 2010年 或是更早
并且愿意告诉我 youtube 地址我会十分感谢
我会将这个视频上传到 中国的年轻人社区 bilibili 并且备注提供视频的人和视频的制作人


hello 我的中文不是特别的好