Gun Blader (January 2nd)

Gun Blader
  • New Class Gun Blader has been added.
  • Gun Blader can class advance to either Agent (Tachi) and Trouble Shooter (Heavy Blade).

< Common Skill >

  • Crescent Moon Slash
  • Neck Strike
  • G-Bomb
  • Romantic Dash

  • Agent Leather Armor Mastery (Level 15)
  • Agent Combat Technique (Level 15)
  • Consecutive Fire (Level 15)
  • String Slash (Level 20)
  • Evasion (Level 20)
  • Tachi Mastery (Level 20)
  • Moonlight Cut (Level 25)
  • Mission Start (Level 30)
  • Assassination Target (Level 30)
  • Aimed Shot (Level 30)
  • Full Moon Cut (Level 35)
  • Dark Moon Report (Level 35)
  • Target Shot (Level 40)
  • Blade Falcon (Level 45)

  • Resolution (Level 48)
  • Key Assassination (Level 50)
  • Target Capture (Level 60)
  • Moon Phase (Level 70)

  • Cold-Blooded (Level 75)
  • Moonlight Requiem (Level 75)
  • Annihilation (Level 80)
  • Lunar Eclipse (Level 85)

Trouble Shooter
  • Trouble Shooter Heavy Armor Mastery (Level 15)
  • Expert Combat Technique (Level 15)
  • Double Barrel (Level 15)
  • Rolling Move (Level 15)
  • Heavy Blade Mastery (Level 20)
  • Break Shot (Level 20)
  • Sword Bomb (Level 25)
  • Turnaround Victory (Level 25)
  • Gunpowder Management (Level 30)
  • Diffusion Burst (Level 30)
  • G-CTF (Level 30)
  • Born To Slash (Level 35)
  • Oppression (Level 35)
  • Distrouble Quake (Level 40)
  • Surprise Present (Level 45)

Wild Card
  • Reinforce Fire (Level 48)
  • G-Widow (Level 50)
  • Perfect Betting (Level 60)
  • Get On Fire (Level 70)

  • Outlaw of Wilderness (Level 75)
  • Violent Smash (Level 75)
  • The Nine Barrel (Level 80)
  • Incredible (Level 85)

  • New Gun Blader related Scenario Quests has been added.
  • 1st and 2nd Awakening Quests for Gun Blader has been added.
  • New Gun Blader NPC Commander Schmidt has been added.
    • 1st Awakening Quest can be received from him.
  • Echon - Valor activation skills has been added for Gun Blader.
    • Common: G-Bomb
    • Agent: Moonlight Cut (Ruined Sanctuary), Target Shot (Strong Ones)
    • Trouble Shooter: Distrouble Quake (Ruined Sanctuary), Surprise Present (Strong Ones)
  • Gun Blader (and Agent/Trouble Shooter) related item has been added or changed.
  • Equipment Reward from various quests and missions has been added for Gun Blader.
  • Tachi, Heavy Blade and Changdao has been added.
    • Only level 10 or under Changdao are added and rest will be added along with Hitman release.
  • Gun Blader High-Tech Ring and Sub Equipment has been added.
  • Agent and Trouble Shooter options has been added to basic items.


Oh my god all these names from Trouble Shooter is making me fall in love hard.

Wild Card, Untouchable, Incredible, Get on Fire, BORN TO SLASH

God bless Jay as always for the translations.



Trademarking this combo.


Trouble Shooter:

Dungeon Run:


Dungeon Run:


So I’m kinda madly in love with how Agent’s skills seem to be less designed around being “Skills to use” and more “Early/Mid/Late combo options”.


Troubleshooter is practically male Inquisitor. lol


Is the Gun like Knight’s Shield where it changes via Sub-class? Or is it paired with the weapon?


That’s what I thought at first when I first seen it but I’m sure he’s getting his own weapons.

Back to discussion, Trouble Shooter is looking up to be my 2nd favorite class in DnF next to M. Mechanic.

Looking forward to the next two classes, especially Specialist. I sense Mechanic vibes with that one. Hope I’m not wrong.


General thoughts on both new classes as they are on Test Server:

Agent - This class does damage with a capital D. Multiple skill damage passives, critical damage passives, and to top it all off, his skills also have obnoxiously high numbers (his level 75 active does over 100k%(!!!)). He has almost no holds (his 1A active and his 75 active have tiny 2-2.5 second-ish superholds) but this class has no idea what starting/ending lag is and his skills are superfast to boot, so they obviously want you to abuse counter-frames. He also has i-frames out the ass, with his main mobility skill and one of his main attacking skills having i-frames and low cooldowns. His range and mobbing is also not as bad as you might think, although it’s nothing compared to Trouble Shooter.

That being said, he has a bunch of bugs on test right now. For example, one of his bread and butter skills (the one that you can use 3x in a row) sometimes just doesn’t work on ungrabbable targets. Also, if he uses a certain skill against Ator the game just flat out crashes.

Other cons include an almost-completely useless 2A (it’s like Vagabond’s 2A before they gave it a superhold), a pretty bad 60 active skill (it’s like the one he can use 3x in a row, but inferior in every way), and a meh 70 skill. Also, one annoying thing is that the other 35 skill he gets (looks sorta like multi-headshot with 12 shots) does not have a timer on its ammo, so you could fire one shot with the skill and then carry the remaining 11 shots through the entire dungeon, I don’t remember if the cooldown ticks down while the skill is active (as in, the ammo is still on the screen).

Trouble Shooter: This class is obnoxiously loud. If you’re using headphones turn them down to play this class.

Trouble Shooter is a strong class, maybe the strongest class they’ve released since female sader. He has 5 skills that are 3 second superholds, 3 of which are low-tier skills (and thus, low cooldown) and the other two are his awakenings. Only his awakening ones are channeled abilities, which means you can chain the 3 low-tier ones into an awakening for a potential 12-second hold chain. Aside from that, he has massive AoE on his skills (on-par with if not better than Kuno) and has a 20%-ish defense shred on pretty much every single one of his abilities.

He has very few downsides. He’s slow, and that’s about it. His skills have kinda low damage %s, but that’s made up for the fact that, like Agent, he has a bunch of skill dmg, crit dmg, and the aforementioned defense shred. Also, it’s nearly impossible to whiff skills with his AoE and holds. A blind man could play this class.


damn, I like the two classes already


What’s the difference between “damage with a capital D” and “strongest class since fsader”?


The power creep is real…jeez.


Exactly what it sounds like. Agent does a lot of damage, but Trouble Shooter looks like he’ll be a lot stronger because of his holding & defence shredding capabilities.


Movement speed increase rate: 5%
Physical / Magic Defense Reduction Ratio: 21.5%
Defense reduction effect Duration: 30

Physical attack (self-increasing rate)[probably means weapon]: 25%
Hit rate increase ratio: 10%
Stiff increase rate: 10%

Increase in base / skill attacks: 40% [active buff up to 60%]

Bomb attack increased: 10%
Increased range of shotgun attacks: 10%
Increase in skill attacks: 15%

1a level 1
Basic / Skills Attack: 13%
Physical crit rate: 3%

G-Bomb: Explosion range + 10%
Double shooting: stiff / shooting range + 10%
Smash Shooting: Stiffness / Shooting Range + 10%
Fusion burst: stiff / attack range + 10%
Beam Bomb: Explosion range + 10%
Burst Zombie: Explosion range + 10%
G-FTF: cast speed / explosion range + 10%
Burst trap: Explosion range + 10%
SURPRISE! : Display speed + 10%
Perfect swing: the end of the explosion range + 10%
Burst Bullet: stiff / shooting range + 10%
Skill attribute : Increase in basic / skill attacks: 24%[level 1 value]

These are all passive effects for Troubleshooter