Gracia Gearing Guide


This guide is going to cover the much sought after Gracia set.

More specifically it will cover:
What classes can use it.
How you farm it.
What to use in conjunction with it.

What is the Gracia set?

The Gracia set is a farmable legendary set that is the bare minimum for Anton for most classes. It takes about a week to get each piece. (It could be faster depending on events).

What does the Gracia set look like?

Can my class use Gracia?

If your class is not on the list below, it can use Gracia. Please note that even if your class can use Gracia, it is not always the best set for the class (It is however the best for around 90% of classes). Search your respective class discussion thread if the Gracia set is the best choice for you.

In both Crusaders case they can use Gracia for their battle setup, but they do not use it to provide support in parties.

Does not use Gracia:
Soul Bender
Dark Templar
Male Mechanic
Glacial Master

Special Cases:
Male Crusader
Female Crusader

Is it possible to get this set in cloth/leather/light/heavy/plate?

The Gracia set comes in all armor types. That means every class can get this set with their preferred armor mastery.

How do I get this amazing set?

To get this set you must run a dungeon called City of Noire Ferra. You can get 5 of the quest materials per clear (up to a limit of 10 clears per day) and then an additional 70 from the daily quest. The materials used to buy the set are called “Impostor Reports”

You can also buy 30 extra a day at Johnathan located in Pandemonium.

How many Impostor Reports does each piece cost?

Each piece of the Gracia set only costs 600 Impostor Reports.

What pieces should I get?

You should get a total of 6 pieces to get the max set effect. You want to fill out your Gracia pieces in slots where you don’t have decent Epic equipment. Since 90 cap has been released your options for great individual Epic items to mix with Gracia has expanded massively. If I tried to list all the good 90 Epic pieces the list would be way too long, so I recommend asking in your respective class thread about what pieces to mix and match with Gracia.

I can’t seem to solo Noire Ferra. What kind of gear do I need?

Realistically, all you need is a chronicle set and a halfway decent weapon. Try doing level 1 if you have problems doing level 3. If you have any questions about which chronicle set to get for your class, search your class discussion thread for the answer.

If you are STILL having issues with Noire Ferra, consider partying with friends or guildmates or purchase runs from other players.

About the Author:
I’m Tate and I’ve been playing the game for many many years, I was playing back in level 50 cap when Nexon still ran the game and I’ve been playing the version run by Neople since alpha stage.

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Vanguard General

Has vanguard using this gear set?