Google Authenticator Help


I haven’t logged into this game in nearly 200 days. With the big update coming soon, and with them hopefully implementing Dark and Dragonian Lancer, I decided to go ahead and finally update the game since I’ve been MIA on it for a while now.

Now, this is just for anyone who has Google Authenticator. When I used to play the game I used the app and had no problems with it, but now I use it and I feel like there’s something I’m not doing right. Does Dungeon Fighter have their own QR code so I can link it? If so where is it? I feel like there was one. I have the app but it’s linked to my google account. My google account is also used to log in to my DFO account so i assume it’d be fine, however when I try to use it to input the code it doesn’t work and I get locked out.

I basically need to know if DFO has a QR Code so I can link it to my google authenticator and log in to my characters with a breeze again because now it’s not.


When you link to Google Authenticator, you are given a QR code to scan with an additional text input option.

If your Google Authenticator app isn’t showing a specific Dungeon Fighter Online entry, then you might be locked out of your account. Go send in a ticket to Zendesk, you will probably have to answer a few questions about your account.

They are fairly quick to respond and verify for Google Authenticator problems, but it might take a day or two to get it deactivated


Thanks for the reply. i’ve already sent a ticket to them about the issue. Hopefully this can resolve quickly before the big update next week.


Ok sorry for double post but can someone please explain to me where am I going to find a transaction or invoice ID to show I purchased Cera?
Edit: found out and now I have to wait for them to review. Fml


Yep, this is the process for right now to get Google Authentication unlocked. Fair bit of waiting unfortunately.


Well they removed it last night. Must say I’m very impressed with their service. I thought it would take almost a week before they would say something but they proved me wrong big time.


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