Glacial Master General


So it seems that people are finishing their upgraded set recently, is there any GM fellow who completed an upgraded set could share their damage chart? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for the fiend set to complete but I’m still missing 35 monos :dizzy_face:


I’m only about 20 monos away. Still deciding between metal line and black formal to upgrade, but currently leaning towards formal since it’ll be good now, not just in the future.


so I’m sitting at 20 buff swap with Wailing Revenant Form and using a +2 title, should I push my luck and aim for a +3?


It depends, the max swap for now is 65% skill attack. It doesn’t require a +3 title but you need to have a unique motion/dragon spirit aura with plat to achieve it.

My swap setup now are
Max resonance: rare top + bottom + dragon spirit aura + pet + +2 title + magic cataclysm + +1 skill bead on belt
Bonus skill attack: wailing revenant form + 3 green tainted pcs + 6 ice vine pcs

If you have extra fund you could grab the +3 title even reached 65%, once neople release another skill bead then you could get to 66% skill attack.

Added screenshot: