Glacial Master General


Got my savior rod to +12 and did some comparison with newlington, savior rod with energy release is doing 0.96bil ice chain and newlington is doing 1.03bil, so I guess it is still nice to stick with newlington b4 savior got upgraded.

Also I’ve switched the enchant of my wep from +30 matk to +12 water damage, which provides around 4% more damage.

Ferman time without plate swap:


looking at my results and everyone else’s, glacials damage just about doubled this patch

also it was really amazing watching every tick of my ice chain doing dcap in luke


should i just continue using my liberation rod until i get the epics i need? actually running hell modes very easily as of now with out anything reinforced.


also im not seeing any change in resonance’s stats with my tainted gear and 3 piece ice vine which give additional resonance skill attack. does it still apply despite it not showing on the skill at all?


chron set/taints dont apply untill you are in dungeon


Ran about 25k DIs in the last few days in hope of completing sets, and today finally finished RG 5/5 and sensory 3/3, still missing babylon and at 3/5 BF, have quite a few questions;

With current reinforcement/glacial changes should I still aim for BF 5/5, or is radiant setup with Newlington +12 reinf fine?

I’m sitting at 81% crit rate town, 86 % with gold cube, getting as much crit as possible from avatars, still missing crit from guild insignia, what optimal enchants I’m looking at if I wish to keep using this setup?

As for swap Resonance is at level 20 + 6pc vine + revenant + 2 taints, I still am missing motion aura and +3 title, should I also swap for path of frost or with party sinergy balance/swap system coming into the future it isn’t needed?

Should I also swap for one of the awakes and what setup should I go about it?

Also wondering what you guys use for battle top/bottoms? Insight?

Sorry for flooding you guys with questions but I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with how to go about gearing my GM.

  1. Congrats on completing your sets :slight_smile:

  2. Regarding crit, don’t forget that you can get it from insight levels (plats), the nanton sub equip bead, auras, and pets. As for shoulder enchants, Brilliant Flame Agnes (10%) is the best, but Iris Fortunesinger (6 ~ 9%) is a much cheaper alternative that still does a great job.

  3. With the recent changes, the water damage bonus part of path of frost acts as a passive instead of an actual buff, so having more levels only means that you get a higher move speed/slow bonus once you swap back into other gear. Also, I believe that the water res shred got removed in favor of pure water damage anyways.

  4. In the last patch, both our awakenings got changed to live skills, so swapping into them isn’t that great anymore. You could make a case for swapping your top ava while you use your 1a, but you would have to ask someone with more experience on the topic.

  5. The optimal setup is path of frost for plats and ice craft for your top skill, but path of frost can be replaced by insight if you really need the crit chance.

Hope that helps. No idea about bf vs rg since I’ve been wondering about it myself.

Edit: Fixed some info after some insight provided by ralexinor below.


You are incorrect about shoulder enchant. The best shoulder enchant is Agnes, which gives 10% magical crit.

Path of Frost is not swappable, but you should now be using Path of Frost plats for your battle gear instead of Insight, as the damage bonus provided by PoF levels is more than Insight in most cases now, especially once you upgrade your set. The only reason to use Insight plats is if you’re low on crit (this should be less of a problem because of Armor Mastery patch, once you have BiS emblems and enchants you should be capped I think, and especially once you upgrade a few pieces to supercont). The skill to use for avatar top is Ice Craft.


is path of frost better than frozen weapon in terms of plats?


Yes. FWM is and always has been worse than Insight. There’s 0 reason to ever use FWM plats over Insight, and PoF is better so no reason to use any of the former, except in specific situations (where you absolutely cannot reach crit cap without it, or True Ancients for the hit rate). Reaching crit cap should not be a major issue right now.

EDIT: Misread slightly. I meant PoF plats are better than both FWM and Insight.


Adding onto this with sone crappy math, a level in PoF is roughly equal to a 2% damage increase (assuming 22 elemental dmg = 10%) where FWM only has a bonus of 1% that doesn’t apply to your heavy-hitting 1a and post-2a skills.

As for insight, the difference is +1% dmg and +1% crit vs +2% dmg, so when you don’t care about the crit, PoF comes out on top.

Never thought about PoF vs Insight after the changes until reading your posts. Looks like I have some shopping to do soon then.

Edit: I should add on that if the above wasn’t enough of a case already, the water dmg from PoF also benefits any elemental elenore (newlington, fiend, heblon) you have, while the bonuses from FWM and insight don’t “double down” in any similar way.


Just as an note to my previous post; I replied with the wrong context in mind, I meant to say PoF plats are the best atm, while Insight is still always better than FWM but worse than PoF. Just contradicted myself at the start of the post, rest of the post said PoF was better.


Hello, im not very far on my gm, im usisng chrons sets at the moment and working towards sea gods. Can someone give me the skill build for gm for ancient gear and after?


Here is my “raid” build:

Some notes about this build/GM builds in general:

  • This build was done with tactician’s contract enabled.

  • Level Focus: Magical Crit based on what you need to hit cap as you need in order to hit cap/get close to it, and put 1 level into throwing mastery if you have amnesia ring.

  • Must Max: all passive, all buffs, everything post 2nd awakening, Ice Field, Blizzard Storm, Ice Trap, Ice Hammer, Teleport, and Quick Rebound.

  • Max 2 of: Grand Shatter, Broken Arrow, or Ice Orb

  • Leave at level 1: Ice Crash, Windmill Spear, Ice Lance, and Throw Mastery (if you have amnesia ring).

  • Dump: Whatever you didn’t max from "Max 2 of,"
    Windmill Spear, Ice Sword, and/or Ancient Memory.

  • TP: Must Max: Ice Hammer, Blizzard Storm, and Ice Trap. For the rest, Broken Arrow > Grand Shatter > everything else.

A week later than I should have shared, but I hope this helps. As for anyone else reading this, let me know if I’m doing something odd/sub-optimal, because I probably am and I would love to know.

Edit: After reading through @Akane’s post, I rethought my own build a some. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have shared a setup that I use when I can already 1-shot most things in regular dungeons, so I changed the post to share my “raid” build which is hopefully more of what you were asking for. As such, I changed up a bunch of the content and also fixed some grammar and wordiness.

Another shoutout to @Akane for making me realize how awful windmill spear’s damage is when I’ve been using it for all this time among other issues I had with my build.


Ice lance should only be a point, trap strike too, ice orb isn’t a must max, usually leave it as a point dump, you should def max ice field and either arrow or grand shatter + tp depending on what you are doing, ice sword and windmill isn’t as good as a dump as it used to be, think you are missing pvp tp too, tp must max is ice trap, toilet flush, either broken arrow/grand shatter, hammer then you are left with 3 points to do whatever.


This is my skill build and it’s doing fine in Luke raid, you may switch grand shatter to ice crash or ice arrow on your preference


I basically use the same build as Misuzu, but I moved SP from ice field to broken arrow, but that’s just because I love having a decent number of low cooldowns ready to use.




so i have reach 20 lvl for the swap buff but i want to add wailing to the mix, idk if we are getting swap titles in the future but does any see a way for me to add 3 lvl if i swap spirit for wailing?


Wailing Revenant Form is better than Spirit Lord’s Protection even if you aren’t level capped. Wailing is 7% vs 6% from Spirit Lord’s. You are not going to hit Resonance cap without a title anyway because you’ll have to sacrifice tainted slots for level items, but in terms of getting level 20 + Wailing, the closest you can get is changing your tainted ring for a level ring (high tech works), getting another plat on your avatar pants (I’m assuming you only have one plat since you use pet), and buying a level 25-30 range title with either no skill or +1/+2 resonance. That will put you at:

Wailing Revenant Form (7%)
6pc Ice Vine (10%)
Magic Cataclysm (+2)
Sea God Pants (+1)
Silver Watch (+1)
High Tech Ring (+1)
Avatar Top/Pants (+3)
Pet (+1)
Title (+1)

For a total of +10 levels and Wailing Rev + 6pc Ice Vine. If you don’t want to bother with title/avatar pants, you’re still going to be fine doing wailing rev + high tech + what you have right now.