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so uh how about them glacial changes in the future

its possible my savior will beat newlington because of the shift from water to skill damage, combined with the fact that reinforce patch will probably have happened by then

got my swaps ready and everything too


savior will probably be better because you’ll end up with around 200 water damage in dungeon (atm we have 300-350) including newlington, meaning it’ll be around 35%~ elenore, 30 water damage, some matk vs savior being 62% released. newlington will be stronger than unreleased savior.


Finally got myself to 11/12, just missing a babylonian. I guess that at least grant me a ticket into the Luke raid :relieved:


figured as such, because even with a sader newlington is beating released savior atm which felt kind of strange lol but i guess the massive matk on newlington really helps with that

recently transferred my sparkles, in metal line and 5s right now, looking to get crow belt so i can upgrade into gespent, since i really like auras and being a bit lower on the damage side compared to other classes it should be more effective in a party than if i were to use venator or supercontinent

still need rosetta lol


your role is a damage dealer, not subdps. in an endgame sell-party setting in luke raid, for example, a 4man sell (2/2), your sader is the one who should have the gespenst shred items, not you. the best options for gm are fiend and supercont, with the latter winning if you have heblon.


As far as echon goes, would building this set the “standard route” be recommended (according to Everything you need to know about Echon : DFO), i.e.:

All armor + necklace, bonuses of:
-13% elenore
-15% m/p/i atk
-15% int
-11 ele damage

…Or would deviation be considered for Glacial Master? (more ele damage at this level of equipment?)

Assume 0 epics (not my main), +10 resonance.


can someone list glacial swap options please?


What are the changes to the resonance swap set from chronicles? Also i heard you can imbue pieces with resonance what are the effects and will it matter in the future?

Also for Swaps i got:

  • PVP Top +1 or +2 skills depending on which you manage to get
  • +2 from unique rods, i think theres some epic that gives +3
  • +1 from GT pants
  • +1 from Eternal Pet
  • +1 High Tech Ring (Melvin Quest in Ghent)
  • +1 From Avatar Top

The rest must be filled with platinums or possible skill titles when they come in the future. There’s also the halidom 80 4piece set effect that gives +2 but i don’t think its much worth it considering that OV swap will become 6 piece i think. Oh there’s also the +1 from merlin legendary belt but thats another expensive option up there with platinums.


so just wondering if anyone joined luke raid as Glacial and could share some experiences? since I don’t have a static and probably will have a hard time in joining pub :tired_face:


The pubs right now are pretty trash, had one “good” one that only failed because energy got bugged (they said for some reason they couldn’t kill the generator in final room) . Other than that most of the pub leaders are like 8/12 and take other 8/12 over 11/12s PJSalt. One started without 2 saders xd.


luke raided with a static, but will say that competent strong teammates and leaders basically made the whole thing a breeze

did an ok share of damage, about 1/3 to 1/4 boss hp which is lower than it should be for a dps but im also using the metal line aura boosting the sader and party members

used ng set to shred luke barrier, and basically make up for the fact that the party had an ek kek

voice chat is pretty helpful


First two days of luke in my static were fails, because of the physical party. Meanwhile in magic party we were doing really well, absolutely destroying most stuff. We finally got some good subs for the physical party on saturday and cleared the raid. It’s hard for me to tell how much I’m contributing sometimes though, because I’m partied with an amazing f.spit. I’ll have to watch my damage analysis next time.


Glacial master buffs soon. I’m going to track my damage to see the difference myself.


Hey guys, I think path of frost might be bugged, since I’m not noticing any change in water damage after I toggle the buff.

Before buff is applied:

After buff is applied:


the water damage is applied in town, try de leveling it and checking and releveling


So here is the ferman time pre and post patch, I don’t have perfect swap now so resonance only provides me 63% out of 66% skill damage. The passive rework and 1a time are pretty amazing!



Both with plate swap.


Looks like I’m a day late for posting my times but oh well. I knew the buff was going to help but I didn’t expect my damage to go up by so much…

Pre Buff:

Post Buff:

Nothing special used in the runs outside of standard pots. I do have to say though, it feels GREAT to finally be able to have a decent ferman time - especially without a 90 armor set.

Also, I’ve been wondering about savior glory/triumph vs newlington. Anyone know how they compare now that the patch is out?


I’m going to try savior vs newlingon once I get my savior to +12.

However I’m wondering if it’s better to use Princess of Frozen Sorrow card over matk, since our water damage is now lowered, maybe +12 water damage will perform better than +45 matk?

Edit: recalculated and it seems on DFOG we are only able to get max 65% skill damage from resonance, since we do not have any shoulder/shoes +1 skill bead.


Pretty nice stuff.