Forgotten Land


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I have a video uploading now I will post later but for now, heres a guide on what to do!

Before you even enter Forgotten Land make sure if you are NOT a class that has fire type skills such as Elementalist, Elemental Bomber, Sword Master and etc, bring Salamander Flasks with you, you'll need it for a certain room.


When you first enter, youll notice a green trail of slime infront of you. Follow that trail to the left, down, then right. Enter the house and ignore all the monsters, go to the final room and free the mermaid. Stand by her and it will teleport you back to the beginning.

Stand ontop of the mermaid and she will teleport you to the first area. Skip the monsters and go all the way to the end and proceed to kill the first boss. Head back to the beginning and stand on the mermaid again and teleport back. Head back out left and down, then go left to enter the forest area.

In the forest area you will find a campsite with a Tau and Goblin. They sell potions you use to fight the boss monsters in this area. You have the option to kill both if you want for the keys but you do not have to. Collect red crystals and buy a potion, or sometimes one may drop from enemies. In the top left map of the forest area you will need to use the Goblin potion. The bottom left map of forest area use the Tau potion. Kill the boss/es and then proceed to exit the area.

When you enter the snow area, this is where you need fire damage or salamander flask. As you enter the area, you will notice a giant block of ice, use fire damage and destroy it for later. Sometimes the special goblin for the event is in there so also go and kill him real quick.

There are 2 bosses for the snow area, however the 2nd one isnt needed to complete the boss kill count, just the snow ape. He is located at the top left map of this area. Just proceed to skip all the areas and find him. The spot right below the main boss you will see ice platforms, step on them and one will break and will lead you to the hidden boss.

When youre all done, proceed to the next area, the Village.

When you first enter here, youll notice a slayer get turned into a zombie on the sewer cover. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS IT WILL TRANSFORM YOU and you also have like 1 def so youll die lol.

Go to the left side of the map. In each of the 3 rooms there is a house. Enter them and move left, if you notice a code, memorize it and go to the middle of the village. If no code, move up or down a map to find the code inside other houses.

In the middle you will notice 3 wooden wheels to spin. If you hit it from the left, the numbers go down from 0, 9, 8 etc. From the right, 0, 1 ,2 and so on. Enter your code and fight the boss. This guy can poison you, turn you into a zombie, and is overall a pain in the ass. Give it all you can on him. When he is dead go into the room going up. You will find a Gizel looking NPC who can trade your crystals for different kinds going up from weakest, to rainbow. Depending on your level, 55+, cash in your crystals until you get a surplus of the colors you need, 55-64 You need black crystals, 65-74 you need gold, and 75+ needs rainbow. (Definitely easier to get rainbow for some reason… lol). Once youre finished here, head to the final area, the garden.

When you enter youll see the boss, follow her to the top left room of the map. Kill the snake mini boss. After she is dead a room to the left opens up. In the 2nd area of this place youll see 6 green named golems. This is the BEST place to stock up on keys and experience since green named monsters give a ton of experience. If youre farming for experience at high levels, just go back and forth all 3 rooms here and go to town. Proceed to the boss to fight her. Shes the exact same as the boss in old DFO, just beat her in the face with a rock (brawler joke). When she is dead, if you killed all 5 bosses before, you will fight the gate keeper of the area! He has different forms you can fight and its just another boss, more experience.

TADA YOU BEAT FORGOTTEN LAND! :D :D :D :D :D Japanese fan dance

Now if you have time left, go to town and just kill a bunch of crap! Collect more crystals, trade em in if you need to, do whatever. You can ONLY beat Forgotten Land if you are over 80 to beat the final bosses. If not, stick to your respective area and just wreck face in there.

With this goblin thief event its great to farm as many crystals as possible for your characters for the FL Exp Pots. So go beat it first, go burn some FP, go back again and farm them crystals!

Even though now my EB is 81 and has 2000+ Iridescent crystals and I doubt Ill need that many exp pots so Im saving all colors now for other classes to buy the account bound ones. Fun fun!

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If you go to the fireplace in the snow map, you can get your weapon turned to fire damage

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japanese fan dance in a korean game?

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Adding up to this

if your class really has no element, make 100% sure to kill the witch before you enchant your weapon (if you dont want to pay for the forgotten land weapon element imbues) because in the case the witch decides to turn into fire, the fight will drag out real time
the step leading to the second boss has a different color and doesnt gleam during daytime, pretty easy to spot. at night it looks like the other ones. also make sure you have enough keys (aka 5) when you go down there because dropping through the hole is the only way to get inside that room (going backwards after climbing the rope ladder is impossible) just in case you get a gold chest spawn as in you'd waste time having to run back to the hole after getting enough keys, for the rainbow farming maximizers

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In the 3rd room of that building, the Burning Fiends each give a key since they're green names. They can also drop iridescent crystals or metastatic crystal pouches or envelopes.
The boss themselves give no keys, except for the optional golem (gives 3) and the Chaser (gives 5-10, random). Only green names give keys otherwise (1 each). Each boss area in the forest has at least 1 green name, and 1 right outside of the place with the guard that won't let you pass if not transformed.

The best place to farm green names is in the Witch's Garden's dungeon. The 6 golems then respawn as 4 golems (takes a minute or two for respawn, cycle with Serpentina and Dendroid Elder). And they each give a key. They are a pain though (very high def). So if the bosses just so happen to drop an unexpected golden chest you lacked keys for, you can revisit with more keys from those golems.

There also are optional 1 key chests in this area. Right above the optional boss escape cave there are 2. Then in the fire cave thing, there is one. And lastly, the 2nd room after the ice block has 3. They can give iridescent crystals and jump pills, which can be useful to skip above the chaser. He can be a pain even if you're powerful enough to kill him without fever.
They're called iridescent. And there's 4 chests with the Dr Herbert right there needing 1 key each. You also need to click the good Dr for one of the dailies (it should say so, too).
Golden chests can also give certain tradeable accessories at low chance.

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ngl very wallotexty post, why not just make some visuals to spice it up, like a good ol' simple map that explains where go what do using the in game map?

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u can def clear forgotten land even if ur under 80

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A key to killing those 4-6 golems in forbidden lands is to stand on one side of them without approaching them so they all bunch up. Just move up or down to avoid the rocks and until the bunch up.

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Yeah, though the lower you are, the harder the last boss ends up being and even with fever(and you should definitely get fever before it if you're not 80+) you might need like 5-6minutes and several tokens to clear. Some classes will do fine though regardless. Other than the guardian boss, rest is fairly easy at like 60-65, though you might want to farm fever for each of the higher bosses.

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Would say more like 75+, but maybe Avenger clears the Forgotten Land easier than other classes. I dunno.

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Can anyone figure out how EXP is allocated? On one hand it's likely based on how many green enemies you kill, other times it's that plus the crystal quota you achieve in the dungeon.

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Thank you for the guide. I fortunately already knew most of this, save for the ice block thing. I also didn't know you could get fire damage from the campfire. That's pretty neat.

I will say though you CAN clear it out when your not 80 though. It isn’t impossible. I was able to run it when my demonbane was only in her mid sixties and I could clear it. That aside though, thank you for the advice. It was very sweet of you to take the time to write all that up :)

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It was never impossible, just that if you’re underleveled, it’s just gonna take too long, especially if you’re not Vagabond not a well-geared and high damaging class. It takes up to 4-5 minutes for my lvl 57 F. Brawler to skill the Vanishing Village boss WITH a Warlock of Pain, granted it probably has high status resistance anyway.

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That's pretty much what he's saying. The guide states that

which we all seem to be in agreement isn't true.

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Yeah never saying anyone can't. Just is easier to do so when youre higher leveled lol.

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saying you can't is exactly what you said ???

pretty sure I beat it at level 61 as an elemental bomber, who knows what a chaos can do

you can get fire damage by killing the fire elementals in the forest, too (they drop potions)

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I want to point out that the entering areas that's higher than your current level will scale the HP of those mobs. the lowest I've cleared FL was level 68 on my Berserker, and the HP scaling is RIDICULOUSLY stupid. Coming back at 85 cap, Everything had lower HP than before.

Gold Witch has this weird quirk regarding elemental damage, and I would advise having Ice/Fire flasks or ratria/Selist Talismans. You can buy those from the doctor after clearing the boss of the village. Green Orb she spits seems to be normal. Red is obviously fire resistance and blue is water. Using wrong elementals will drop all damage to 1.

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Actually, I talked about that with Necrofancy, and he's pretty sure their health is the same regardless. The difference is that the amount of health represented by one bar is dependent on the level of the dungeon you're in. And for Forgotten Land, it treats the 'dungeon level' as your level. Thus, when you go in at lower levels, the high level bosses seem like they have a bazillion bars of health, because each bar at that level represents less raw HP. At higher dungeon levels, each bar represents more.

Recovery of Mikaya’s Post on Aug 15, 2015 at 9:37 PM

Well that's just weird. still ridiculous to see though.

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Still waiting on another observation for EXP allocation. Phantom Thief is going away, so I wonder if filling up the crystal quota does have an effect.


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