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For the Kaiserbros, two kdnf channels :

Kaiser 1

Kaiser 2

Haven’t found any using other sets, both are using upgraded Radiant Gold.


oh wow thanks, it looks like kaiser have a new skill when i saw the solo raid video.


it replaces rising upper


is there anything else changed?


Some damage increases, MS getting more base stacks, and the Awakenings getting longer CDs and no longer getting reductions from Boxing Glove Mastery.


After the buff patch


oh nice, i cant read it, but i can see damage improved on all skills


Does anyone have a Skill build for Kaiser?

I’ve always had a soft spot for this class so I’m finally going to give her some attention.


Pretty much max everything except Rising Fist.

If you’re doing gauntlet striker then ignore boxing glove mastery.

Any excess points can go into bone crusher or mountain pusher (I prefer bone crusher, but will still have 1 point in mountain pusher). 1 point in suplex, 1 point in tornado kick. As for TP, Beat drive / Lightning Dance / OIP


When do you guys think the changes will hit DFO?


Which ones? Lol


Weren’t the 2a changes supposed to come with origins?


Nope, they came a few months later.