Female Spitfire General


anyone have a good builds for musket spitfire? I got an lv85 epic musket for my spitfire


same build as any other really. There is no much difference aside from the ammount of shots you do in the air.

max your cubes, passives, buffs, choose a bullet type, 1 point on gravity nade, 10 on bbq + TP. freeze nade is preference.

So i got Oracle just when i have 8 souls left to gather until savior bowgun. How good is oracle against savior? should i keep using oracle until i get upgraded savior?


Savior (unactivated) =< Oracle < Savior (activated) < Upgraded Savior

Yes, keep using Oracle until you get all the materials required to craft an upgraded Savior (50 Anton Neurons and 128 Moloniums). Perhaps you’ll get Savior BG from a card flip by the time you amassed all the crafting materials.

Oracle preferred over Unupgraded Savior in Luke because you don’t have to worry about charging it (and you won’t have time to, either). Though, Savior BG is good against Luke’s hit count and you can control when to activate your charge easier there.


Origin is here so is also our nerf and the new open fire skill.
Test with all pots and swap pet


Open fire can be done on the ground and immediately you jump into the air without wasting a nitro charge. Also there is a bug with lowend (poptato) pcs where you get stuck in the middle of the animation and can do anything except wait for an enemy to hit you.


Heads up for FSpits swap-gearing or optimizing swap gear. Currently, Overcharge green taints do not work properly on Shooting skills at all. Take care when spending for that last ~4% optimization, it’s far less effective than intended(?).