Female Spitfire General


Basic Information:
Damage Type: Fixed, Magic
Armor Mastery: Leather
Weapon: Bowgun, Musket

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Counting the days til f spit nerfs :tombstone:


FSpit guide

Published version

Recent DNF Balance Patch for Female Spitfire

Booster Bullet

  • Elemental resistance reduction fixed to 22, defense reduction effect is fixed to 10%.

Weapon Mastery

  • Cooldown reduction no longer applies to either awakenings.

Buster Shot

  • Damage increased by 5% .


  • Damage increased by 17% .


  • Damage reduced by 4% .

Pistol Carbine

  • Damage reduced by 14% .

Gravity Grenade

  • Damage reduced by 2%.

G-14 Buster

  • Damage reduced by 10% .

G-35L Flash Bang

  • Damage reduced by 10% .

G-18C Freeze Grenade

  • Damage reduced by 12% .

EMP Storm

  • Level 3 stun and defense reduction effect will be changed to invincibility on cast.
  • Damage reduced by 22% .


  • Damage reduced by 14% .


  • Damage reduced by 13% .

Quarter Master

  • Skill will be deleted .

Open Fire

  • New Active Skill Open Fire is added. Open Fire is a skill that throws a lot of grenades forward and damages target within range.

Green Energy Taint

  • Over-charge related options are added to the green aura of the dimension .


Can someone find the % damage increase on green tainted pieces for overcharge. Its been out for awhile but I have not seen any images or videos showing the numbers.


namuwiki has this

Overcharge: Increases Fire Attack Power by 4%, Increases Skill / Status by 1%, Increases Attack Power by 2%
(Weapon is doubled, Attack rating is 1% but actual use is 4%)


For Overcharge levels, should I be looking to use a weapon with + Overcharge levels (Like Robust Ghost Bowgun) or go with other options?


Yes. There are no percentage buff weapons until we get the DNF balance patch in which we use a tainted weapon if you can get +10 Overcharge without weapon.


What upgraded set should fspit get in the future? for what i heard it was fiend>gespent>supercont, But now thay fiend is nerfed to heck in kr, i guess supercont would be the best choice?


SC is a safe way to go. It’s still the best set when youre with a sader.

Unless you plan on 2 man selling Luke raid, SC shouldnt ever be the wrong choice.


In the F. Spit guide, “The D-Day After,” the author claims that Flashbang actually reduces critical resistance rather than increasing critical chance. Has anyone verified this? I have the following questions:

  1. Does this affect other party members?

  2. Does it affect elenore, as claimed in the guide (13% chance to crit rather than 3%)?

  3. Why doesn’t Overcharge/Overcurrent crit? Are we sure that these lines never crit? Particularly, under the description of Overcharge, it says that non-shooting skills get an extra line rather than skill damage, but this line does damage based on your non-critical damage regardless of whether you crit in the first place. Are these lines not considered elenore?

  4. Does elenore apply to lines generated via Overcharge/Overcurrent?

This question is important to me because it will affect my decision whether to grind for a Dream title for my F. Spit, or to buy a bead to get more DBR for my F. Ranger. I consider F. Ranger to be my pet project but I realistically know that F. Spit will be able to gear up faster than F. Ranger.


Not sure where you got the quote that says it reduces critical resistance, because it states it’s a debuff that increases incoming critical damage and rate on enemies afflicted.

  1. Yes it affects other party members.

  2. Yes it affects elenore.

3 and 4. Read Overcharge/Overcurrent section thoroughly.
Overcurrent is considered an independent source of damage from your character. If you hit something, you will notice the damage number is off on its own instead of being grouped together with “your” damage.
Overcharge’s skill damage calculations for non-shooting skills, for whatever reason, is being applied as an extra line of damage instead of being added directly into the damage numbers themselves. This bloats your hit count, but it does otherwise nothing for your damage as far as I know.

If you don’t have a source of elenore on FSpit, you should have at least 1.


I guess I misread your guide.

Debuff registered with me as a “Critical resistance reduction” rather than as a “mark” that increases the critical damage/rate the affected target suffers.

To be sure, Overcharge doesn’t crit? Even if the skill that applies Overcharge crits itself?


The skill damage of non-shooting skills of Overcharge, which are applies as elenore lines, does not crit.
As far as I remember, the same elenore lines didn’t vary in their damage when I tested with crit and without crit on the original hit.


Have you guys found firearm mastery or flash bang plat to be better?


it really falls down to preference tbh, i go for flash bang for more crits.


So i’m assuming minimum raid is something like 6 Gracia, bulky, Lib bowgun? Would i be able to get away with random epics/legendaries instead of bulky if that is minimum?


i believe is good enough but get some epics first tbh, bulky takes way to long and by that time you should have some decent epics.


You would think that flashbang as a debuff would be applied to all party members, however me and a friend did some independant testing and at least for the autumnal
Additional critical damage portion of the debuff, it did not apply to teammates. Testing critical chance buff of flat 10% would’ve required a sample size larger than we had time to test to be reliable.


Quick question, with this as my current gear, do i still go sub equip for my last Gracia piece? Wondering if it’s worth it to replace any of the fish legendaries instead with this.


Replace one of your Fish accessories with a Gracia accessory for the 6 pc.