Female Ranger General


Thanks. At this point, the only useful necklace for me is a Four Seal Guardians.

One sold Delezie’s Ghost card later…



Elsword 3rd job change or DFO 3rd Awakening teaser? You decide.


very pretty :blush:


And at that point Elsword has tread into head canon territory.


It’s a damn good head canon, that’s for sure.


I really dislike it, because of the weird hat. It feels like a weird evolution from her previous outfit. The design looks more Dark Elf-y than Empyrean now.


looks pretty, but the hat kills it


Post origin skill build? What cube not to max? Headshot? New skill seems super slow idk if that’s my attack speed


Chain Divider is really, really good. Comes 4th or 5th in damage and its pretty fast. Whats your attack speed?

Max cubes, ignore headshot, get 1 level of Chain Snatch, Spriggan, Steep Slide, Gun Guard, Revenger. 10 levels of BBQ if you’re going to TP it. Max your passives and DBR. Your basic attacks are much better now so Fastest Gun is less awful.

You’ll have a couple hundred SP to flex depending on what you got

TP your cubes and BBQ/basic training


No silver bullet tp? Did the sp change nerf it?


Can I finally forget silver bullet exists now?


its damage doesn’t compare very well to your other cubes.

max SP/TP silver bullet, gun dance, moving shot

I liked silver bullet, but its gone now


YouTube Kill point doesn’t work on jack the ripper


Jack the Ripper has a lot of issues when it comes to holds, grabs, or anything that “stops” him.

I tested it with my Grim Reaper. He won’t get held by Assassination (neither front nor back version), he will occasionally ignore the movement from Abyss Drop, and the 2a Active hold chain will not work if used during his attack pattern.

The fight is designed for you to chip away at him until he summons the clones of himself, you kill the one with the yellow pocket watch, and then Jack becomes vulnerable and takes way more damage.
Some people, like yourself, are able to ignore that and just kill him outright, but for others they have to go through the whole fight.


Jack deliberately has hold immunity in most frames, you can see the prompt. That said, it’s still “most frames.” You can still get a hold on him, but I can’t tell when.


You can get a hold whenever he’s just walking around.



Best setup I have with Metal Line

No Capri buff…

Max Capri buff…