Female Ranger General


Thanks! I’ll save one Webley and get my lib to +10. I’m also working on getting Sea God’s pants for swap. Hopefully that’ll make fighting Echon bosses a bit easier! (Still can’t beat Echon bosses, so hard to see my character + not used to their patterns :persevere:)

P.S. I got a pink Noubillus card on my fnen the other day, it can pay for my +10 ticket! :grin:


I couldn’t use gold lux cause it’s 1+>_< and almost died near end of dungeon even with full tactical gear DFO Echon Ruined Sanctuary


It’s nice to hear the old F Gunner again. Want to consider using the new English voice?


Can anyone test if Veiled Cut currently changes damage of shooting skills? From what I’ve been reading on gamechosun, they said Veiled Cut is a pre-patch modifier of about 37%. That doesn’t make sense to me based on what I see in game (where Veiled Cut is its own damage line of ~8k%?), but that’s what they’re saying. Perhaps someone who can read Korean would be able to interpret better - I’m just reading through Google Translate. I’m not at home right now but I’ll test it when I get home by removing levels in Veiled Cut and seeing how that affects my Multi Headshot damage (for example).

From what I read in the article, the changes are an overall nerf (though it seems like this is before they added Chain Powder effects to TP.)

Edit: Veiled Cut indeed is a 35% skill attack buff at level 16. My conclusion is that there is still a buff, but on a much more moderate level (10-20%, max).


So, in terms of 10s burst rotations, what do you guys usually do? I generally toss Kill Point->Death Hawk->Suppressive Fire->Bloody Carnival->Blood & Chain. I don’t have enough attack speed to consistently do Suppressive Fire in the middle of Death Hawk tosses, sadly.


Something like that, yeah. Even though i party with nens sometimes i don’t bother with the death hawk+multi+suppressive rotation, its so much harder to land in a party.


I know I’m like a month late but this could be used as a reference for skill rotations.


I think Metal Line is the epic armor set I’ve seen drop the most. A bit concerning thinking that this could be my first full epic set since I dunno how much it serves a Franger.


It’s a perfectly fine set. FRanger often fits the sub-dealer role because of her not being as fast as MRanger and having 2 really good holds.

Further, it’s not at all a bad set for your damage. The added skill levels are useful, and 25% Additional Damage with 55% Attack Damage is no joke. It conflicts with senses a bit, but so does Radiant Gold, and Metal Line’s conflict actually comes out much better, because you more than double Senses’s Attack Damage modifier, compared to Senses+RG going from 20% Crit Attack to 35%.

If you don’t have senses, then it’s even more valuable, just put on an Infinite Avarice ring, Capri Empher Necklace and Cyan Hoop Armlet, and you’ve got a good setup going with no conflicts.


In any case, does a 3pc ML compliment anything I have on me right now? I have the epic list up at post 16. I picked Franger back up to hell farm because of Dragon Road right now and I got a Rosetta stone along the way.


Metalline is a pretty nice pre-upgraded set. Nice high base stats, high smash modifier (55%), a good chunk of elenore (25%), easy to cap crit, as well as auras for your party. Downside being no elemental.

I know you’re using lux too, so that’s nice on top of it.

As far as upgrading it, we really won’t know until we get live patch notes of KR’s current test server. So far, the set is amazing, maybe not so much later, but this isn’t something you really have to worry about for a while in dfog in any matter.


Since you got Rosetta, your Elenore over-stacking issue is mostly over, because while I personally wouldn’t like to stack Gold Lux with 3pc Metal Line, it isn’t exactly bad either.

You didn’t say which Metal Line piece got you to 3pc, assuming it was a Shoulder, I’d wear:

  • Plate Power Top(super armor+lots of patk is nice)
  • Metal Line Shoulder
  • Metal Line Belt
  • Metal Line Bottoms
  • Black Formal Boots OR Echon Element/Element shoes
  • Assassin’s Blade Ring OR Avarice Ring, if you haven’t turned that quest in yet.
  • Pyromancer’s Torture Bracelet OR Avarice Bracelet, if you haven’t turned that quest in yet.
  • Echon Element/Element Necklace, unless you’ve found something more useful
  • Worshipful General Textbook OR Echon Element/Element sub, which I think I’d prefer over Textbook
  • Bridal Pearl
  • Rosetta Stone


Honestly I’m not super sure this would all beat the Gracia you have right now, since you’d take a rather big hit in the Elemental Damage department, but being equipped in mostly epics might offset that when we consider Gold Lux’s scaling.

If it wasn’t a Shoulder piece that you got, just assume that you’ll have to try to fill in whatever gaps in your equipment with Element/Element Echon pieces, or Attack/Element.


My bad, I have ML top. Not exactly good considering my Night Shadow Top.

Wait, “turned that quest in?” Avarice isn’t an Epic?


If you complete 5 Anton Raids, you can choose between Avarice bracelet, necklace, ring, sub and stone. It’s called [Ravenous Anton] on your quest book.

Either way, I’d still equip the Metal Line top. Instead, you could consider:

ML Top, Bottom and Belt, with Black Formal Boots and Blackness Auto Shoulder. Then you either equip Pyro Bracelet or Avarice Bracelet, if you choose to turn the quest in for that. The rest is more or less the same.


An Auto piece? I thought auto damage isn’t that viable in Raid.


I mean, your other shoulders kind of suck, so either that or an Element/Element Echon piece. It’s just that Blackness Auto Shoulder is comparable to a Patk/Element Echon piece, but since it counts as an Epic, it should help your Gold Lux reach its full potential, while also not being completely dead weight.

If I remember right, Spell Burn Shoulder Pads only increase matk and independent damage, do they not?

Edit: Oh wait, forgot Lux capped at 6 epics. With Metal Line+some rando pieces you’ll reach that anyway. Well, I guess if you really want you can use Tactical shoulder, but those speeds don’t seem worth it compared to what Blackness does for you. Neither does a LOT but I’d prefer Blackness over Tactical.


Weeelll, how about a Strong Rayon Mane Shoulder?


Absolutely use it. It’s a very nice piece, that offers no conflicts whasoever. Additional Critical Damage stacks with Critical Damage, so yeah, use it. Really, just try to make sure your setup has a healthy variety of modifiers, and you’re good.

You can always test your damage on the training room by turning your crit rate to max(if you dont have that), and see which setups are best. The idea is to use a skill 5 to 10 times, preferably your 2wake, canceling into it, since it’s just one single hit that is easy to cancel into from Chain Snatch.


Current gear

Suggested epic gear + Rayon Mane


Black and White Mask is such a big help though. 4% crit chance away to 100% and I just need the suju beads, I need a better necklace.

(inb4 Lorici goes “oh now you’re getting rid of critical sapphire” LOL)


it was about time, man

gj <3