Female Ranger General


Hello everyone, I’m a new player that started playing a few months ago and am maining a female ranger. Nice to meet you all :smiley:

About the Echon dungeon, I want to ask about how feasible is it for an franger to complete Echon with 6pc Gracia and 3pc Frozen Sorrow or 2pc + Bloodstained Cuffs (either way I die in boss room or before boss room). As for my weapon, I’ve used a +7 event lib revolver and also a +3 Webley from Despair. But I also die either way.

Anyway, I wonder if it just me that’s having a super difficult time with the dungeon (I actually only completed it once ever since Echon was released), or maybe I’m just a bad player. Any tips? :sweat_smile:

Thank youuu :sunglasses:


I think it should be possible to do with your gear. I used an Epic earring as some compensation for the fact I use a Requiem Revolver, a High-Tech Ring, and that I didn’t have a set (i.e. your 3pc guild accessory set). My avatars/pet give about 10 pct crit and +2 dbr, but you have a Webley Mark for swapping, so I think it evens out.

Chain Snatch is a hugely valuable tool - it can cancel boss attacks, as well as determine when you’re able to hit an enemy. It is also the easiest skill to chain out of for cancelling purposes. Because the left side boss has so many I-frames, you would do well to throw out a Chain Snatch to test whether you can dump your cube skills. Watch my usage of Chain Snatch to stop the boss from spinning or swinging his axe. Are you making full usage of your cancels?

Left side will be harder because there’s more enemies. Here you need to learn the boss’s attack patterns: once you stop being able to hit him, he is about to jump and slash towards one edge of the screen. Right after he lands, he’ll send out a red wave thing. You generally cannot hit him until after he shoots the red wave. Right after he shoots the red wave, get behind him and Chain Snatch, and start DPSing until he does the next attack. If there’s a marked path on the ground after he lands, it means after the red wave, he’ll slash across to the other side. You can cancel the dash by Chain Snatching. I would try to make a video of the left side (because it’s generally harder) but I’m low on FP right now.

Edit: Chain Snatch also is an easy way to start off your combo because it inflicts bleed. You need to bleed your opponents or else you’re missing out on +26% skill damage from Saw Blade. For example, if you Death Hawk, Multi-Headshot or Moving Shot w/o starting off with some method of applying bleed (Chain Snatch, Kill Point, Gun Dance, 1a, 2a, etc), you’re doing ~20% less damage than if you had inflicted bleed.


Oh! I didn’t know I can utilize chain snatch like that! I usually use chain snatch to finish off mobs that are low on hp. As for cancelling, now that you mention it, I haven’t cancelled much as before as I rely on the ice procs a lot more now. Perhaps it has become a crutch :scream:. I’ll keep that in mind!
Thanks for the tips and the video. I’ll use it to study in detail!

Ah, and another question: as for the Echon set, should we get the elemental stat or the crit stat? Would it be best if we get the armor piece that has both stats?


For Echon, optimal for our class would be a mix between elemental and physical attack. Something like equal parts ((6/6) elemental/phy) is a good set up on each piece. :blush:

Often times, you’ll be able to make up the crit elsewhere in your offslots/embs/avas/etc.


I’m not sure how true this is (I’m also relatively new to DFO), but my guildmates talk about how P.atk is not as valuable as elemental damage because of M/F Saders, and that the reinforcement revamp will also make P.atk on equips less valuable. Again, not sure how true this is, but I’m collecting ele/ele Echon pieces.


Sounds like a chunk of crit chance I throw away though. Might as well not have crit smash epics. :confused: And what of set stats?


As far as I’ve seen, it’s between atk/ele or ele/ele, but you can’t go wrong with either. Atk/ele seems like a general purpose thing, while ele/ele I feel would scale well with a sader. I’ve only seen charts with atk/ele so I can’t be 100% sure, but it seems okay to go either. I’ll keep a look around for videos/charts as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Crit chance can be an issue for us because we don’t have natural crit chance like some classes :unamused:
For instance, to reach crit cap of 97% using Radiant Gold, I have to jump through hoops, but possible.
We’ll get a free 10% crit chance from a new passive sometime in the future though which should help alleviate some of our crit issues.

And if you’re talking about Echon set stats, that depends on your offslots. %STR and %PHY are our two most important stats when you put the set together though.


Decided to do two runs of Echon and HOLY SHIT THAT WENT BY SO FAST! I thought I was gonna have a difficult time here! BOSSES?! WHAT ARE THOSE! I DON’T KNOW THIS THING YOU CALL HITSTUN!! ACTIVATING FULL FUNNEL SEQUENCE!

I’ll say it again! Making big bux with Gold Lux! How’s that for a motto?!


Seeing this gives me big inspirations :blush:


Man, seeing this Chain Snatch usage, I might have to re-evaluate my build. Seems like a single value point in that goes a long way.


You don’t want more than one point because its not for damage

check it


Ditto, always start up skill cancels with Chain Snatch, Marylin Rose, even Kill Point depending on the situation.


Echon is a nice place to kill 15 minutes even though I can’t see myself half the time when I’m running this place.


The fact you were wearing Natural Guardian in this made this all the harder to keep up with :dizzy_face:


All Natural Guardian videos look the same. Rainbow explosions.


So I just finished Despair today, and got my 3rd Webley Mark :disappointed_relieved:. I’m also planning to save up to buy a +10 reinforcement ticket, and I’m not sure which weapon would be best to use it on. My Lib is at +7 and got from the event so it is at 100% quality, however if I do reinforce the Webley to +10, I’ll also use a master kaleido box on it, since I do have quite some boxes saved up.

What are your thoughts? :thinking:


between the two of them they’re notsogreat but since you’re using gracia i’d say you should use the lib. +10 ticket is kinda expensive, there’s a good chance you will get to +10 with just regular reinforcement, but if you really hate getting RNG screwed i guess you can use the ticket for safety.


I’d scrap all those Webley’s tbh. If you’re not dead set on funding for fire dmg, then it’s probably not worth it. Aren’t most lvl80 epics just crutches at best? Bonus dmg on Lib can carry you over if you’ve got a good combination of epics or a complete Echon set.


Save atleast one webley as its a +2 DBR swap.