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Mar 26, 2018 Epic Crafting

Epic Crafting is here. A new level 90 epic weapon takes the stage…

Sunset Rider
+12% Moving Speed
+2% Physical Critical Hit
+3 Marksmanship
+3 Saw Blades
Cast Sunset Spectrum buff on player upon equipping, granting +35% P/M/I attack
+12% Additional Damage

It is somewhat weaker than Gold Lux. +3 Saw Blades is comparable (but slightly weaker than) +1 to 1-80 skills. ~47% damage modifier is weaker than Gold Lux’s 54%. But if you don’t have a ton of demon invites you might find crafting a more desirable option. (Either way you will be using Savior Revolver at the end so don’t get too attached to this thing)

Feb 27, 2018 Origin Patch

New skills: Chain Divider, Revolver Upgrade
Reworked skills: Chain Glint -> Stylish, Veiled Cut, Chain Powder -> effects moved to TP
Nerfed skills: Silver Bullet

Sept. 6, 2017

There is a balance patch that has recently come out in kDNF that homogenizes male and female rangers; we get revolver mastery, and stylish/chain glint are combined, with some other minor QoL changes. (Character Synergy and Balance Update (August 17th), Female Ranger General)


Male or female?

Males deal slightly more damage. Females are more mobile and have superholds. They play quite similarly otherwise.

Is this class hard?

Some people might compare them to Rogue or Monk in difficulty. With the reworked Stylish they are now much easier to pick up.

How good is she?

She is well-rounded with good damage, high hitcounts, good mobility, and has a hold or three. But she does not excel in any one category, and it can be difficult to play her at a high level.

In Korea, FRanger has risen significantly in popular opinion. Despite not being a synergy class, she brings great damage to the table while immobilizing enemies.

Just starting out, what gear should I get?

Gracia, dusky west, or sea god’s from Ancient dungeons

What skills do I get?

This is a typical build on the current patch (Origin)


Silver Bullet is much weaker now. In optimal builds, you would put 1 level in Silver Bullet and use it all the time, but many players ignore it.

TP should be spent on BBQ (if you need it) and cubes

What is my BIS??

Savior’s Triumph Revolver
Supercontinent/Fiend Venator
Sensory Satisfaction
Ancient Civilization
Rare Avatars
Pet (skill levels, +15% attack damage, petit Crimson Rose)

If you have no additional damage gold lux is comparable to savior revolver, but since many epic sets come with additional damage you would still do well to get a savior revolver at some point.

Upgraded 90 sets are all very strong.

What is our swap gear?

Get +10 Death By Revolver, then fill in the rest with tainted 3rd chronicle pieces imbued with green DBR.

Standard Procedure is less effective than tainted chron pieces at high DBR levels.

Weapons: +3 (GAU-8, biting gin stinger), +2 (webley, various legendary revolvers), +1 (legacy revolver)
Shoulder: +2 (Magic Cataclysm)
Top: +1-2 (pvp top)
Bottom: +1 (Sea God’s Cursed Bottoms, bleak wind suede greaves, big sacrum gaiters)
Sub-equip: +1 (time traveler’s silver watch, quartz spirit)
Ring: +1 (High-tech gunslinger ring)
Title: +1-3 (various event packages)
Pet: +1 (any pet that gives +1 to level 30 skill range)
Platinum emblems: +2-3 (top, bottom, and Unique Motion Aura)
Avatar: +1 (top avatar option)
Enchantment: +1 (various event packages)

(not exhaustive)

The best possible setup is at least +8 from platinum emblems, avatar option, title, enchantment, and pet, with the last +1-2 from a non-weapon equip, while filling in the rest with DBR taints (9 tainted equips and 1 tainted weapon). Its also possible to receive an extra 1 or 2 levels from Metal Line users in your party but you can’t count on that.


do you mind sharing a build?


Sure, post it and I can link it in the OP.

This goes for anything you guys think would be nice or useful to have on the first post; pvp vids, tier lists, skill/gear breakdowns or guides that would save future readers a search.


I think my build is fairly standard. Point into flamethrower/steep/throw mastery are for proc’ing civ pieces if you want/have that option of course.


Does anyone have any hard numbers for the new Stylish, Veiled Cut or Strengthened Revolver?

It seems the increased damage #s for F. Ranger’s cubes were compensation for the removal of Chain Powder. I’d also expect new Stylish to have lower % Skill Attack than the current Chain Glint. With no other information (#s for Veiled Cut/Strengthened Revolver), we can only see this as a nerf to F. Ranger, though there is added convenience in that we no longer have to bleed targets for the sake of Saw Blade.

So the question here would be, how much of a damage amp does Veiled Cut and Strengthened Revolver give? I talk about Strengthened Revolver because Jay’s translation under Chain Glint says that its effects were rolled into Stylish and Strengthened Revolver. I’m also interested in knowing what happened to Silver Bullets now that it has a Master lever of 20.

Edit: after looking up skills on namuwiki, I’ve found: 레인저(던전 앤 파이터)/스킬 - 나무위키

Stylish: Master level 10, max 20,
Skill damage, attack speed, and movement speed = +10%/20%.
Cancelling a skill once will give the above buff for 60 seconds.
At master level, the # of cancels and cancel refresh time is equal to current chain glint, but with more levels, you’ll be able to get more cancels with less refresh time.
Opinion: Not a change I particularly like because it reduces the skill cap for F. Ranger.

Strengthened Revolver: Master level 10, max 20.
P.atk= 10% +1% per level
P.crit chance(!!!) = 1% per level
ASPD/MS = 10% + 1% per level
X-String shot count +1
(+ other changes that I didn’t think were especially important)
Opinion: this is a great buff for F. Ranger, especially since we now have a source of crit outside of our armor mastery which will alleviate the struggle to reach 100% (97%) crit.

Veiled Cut (level 15 at 90)
Shooting Skill Damage = 10.5% + 1.5% per level. Applicable skills include "Rising Shot, Spriggan, Headshot, Western Fire, Revenger, Gun Dance, Moving Shot, Multi Headshot, Death Hawk, Suppressive Fire, Kill Point, Blood and Chain"
Bloodsport: Adds a line that does 10.5% + 1.5% per level (from what I interpreted. Could be an additional line or just simple skill damage like the other). Applicable skills include: "Marilyn Rose, High Angle Sliding, Top Spin, Needle Sobat, Chain Snatch, Sonic Spike, Bloody Carnival, Bloody Spike, Kill Point, Chain Divider"
10.5% + 1.5% per level = 33% skill damage at 90
Opinion: hefty damage buff. From the opinion I read on namuwiki, this makes 1a do pretty big damage.

Saw Blade (!!!) (level 6 at 90)
Skill damage 6% + 2% per level changed to 22% + 2% per level.
24% (pre-patch) -> 34% skill damage (post-patch) at 90
Bleeding no longer required to get this damage buff.
Opinion: damage and QoL buff. Not much to say here.

Notable #s:

Current (at 90 with Tactician’s Contract):
Chain Powder (level 10, master level):
Gun Dance addl. attack (blades?) damage = +48%. Empirically it adds about 25% damage (maybe there’s less blades than shots?)
Death Hawk addl. attack damage = +50%. Empirically it adds about 25% damage.
Moving Shot: +29% damage (empirically correct)
Headshot/Multi Headshot/Suppressive Fire damage: +20% (empirically correct)

Saw Blade (level 6 w/o contract)(level 7)
+24%/26% (level 6/7) damage against bleeding enemies

Chain Glint (level 4 w/o contract)(level 6)
+30%/36% (level 4/6) damage for the skill cancelled into.

Post-Origin (at 90 with Tactician’s Contract):
Stylish (master/max): +10/20% skill damage for the next 60 seconds

Strengthened Revolver (master/max): +20/30% physical attack

Veiled Cut (level 15 w/o contract)(level 16)
Overall +33%/34.5% (level 15/16) skill damage

Saw Blade (level 6 w/o contract)(level 7)
Overall +34%/36% (level 6/7) skill damage

As a sample, let’s take a look at Gun Dance (assuming level 90 w/ contract):

Current: 1.25 (Chain Powder) * 1.35 (Veiled Cut) * 1.26 (Saw Blade) * 1.36 (Chain Glint) = 289%

Origin: 1.1 (Stylish) * 1.2? (Strengthened Revolver) * 1.345 (Veiled Cut) * 1.36 (Saw Blade) * 1.35 (“Gun Dance’s damage has been increased by 35%”) = 326%.

Gun Dance: 289% -> 326% (+12.8%)
Multi Headshot: 278% -> 309% (+11.2%)
Moving Shot: 298% -> 314% (+5.4%)
Death Hawk: 289% -> 319% (+10.4%)
Suppressive Fire: 278% -> 299% (+7.6%)
Bloody Carnival: 231% -> 254% (+10.0%)
Blood and Chain: 231% -> 290% (+25.5%)

Edit 2: correction to numbers. Mainly noting #s with Tactician’s contract active, and my numbers for current Saw Blade were drastically off. Also empirically tested Chain Powder effects.

Edit 3: correction for overlooking current Veiled Cut effects.


Does this change make Veiled Cut more or less like the Shaman’s “Sacred Dragon Ball” passive, or is the damage of this extra line a function of the skill’s damage? For example, is it 33% of the skill’s damage, or some static value?


From what I read, I’d say that it’s a function of the base skill’s damage. As such, we will no longer get the benefit of a strong veiled cut proc on a level 1 Topspin. In addition, this line (again, I’m not sure if it is implemented as an extra line or as +% skill damage) doesn’t have an internal cooldown, unlike Sacred Dragon Ball.


Thanks for the numbers asakyun!

I really feel you on how neople has been streamlining/simplifying lots of classes for no reason. I can’t recall any franger players here complaining about the skill requirement, because it feels so rewarding to play (maybe kdnf rangers feel differently?)

Passive crit chance, weapon mastery, and a skill damage passive not reliant on a status effect will help a lot with gearing and endgame damage


Honestly my only beef with the cancel mechanic was when you were forced to use a Lord of Ranger. Even with edited skill inputs, it could still get really frustrating to activate some things properly. This is also nice in that I can cold input Blood n Chain and not lose damage.


Another way to think about the Stylish/Chain Glint change is that people who already play F. Ranger can play her exactly the same as before the patch (a play style that skilled players would eventually arrive at anyways because who doesn’t want more damage in a shorter time?) while not punishing new players for missing cancels. Actually, my main grief with the F. Ranger changes, after a holistic review, is not that F. Rangers got weaker, because they actually got much stronger, but that M. Rangers play exactly the same as F. Rangers do in general. I always felt that Chain Glint was a key point of difference between M/F Ranger because F. Rangers sacrificed multipliers and overall damage for the fluidity that Chain Glint allows.


I’m not sure who the readership of this thread is, but for newer F. Rangers here’s a few combo ideas:

And here’s some videos highlighting why you should hold X during specific skills (Gun Dance, Suppressive Fire, Bloody Carnival), as well as why you should use your Chain Glint stacks.

There’s no need to mash X to get the full effect, just hold it. Also, you can choose to hold your skill key if you have the skill on a hotkey, but as a full manual player, my only option is to hold X.

Proper combos become less important as the Origin patch comes closer (currently you’d lose 26% of your damage if you don’t Chain Glint properly), but they’re still good for style points and for pumping out as much damage as possible in a short time.


What is the ASPD needed to be able to do Suppressive Fire between Death Hawk catches?


No particular requirement for ASPD, because you can cancel Suppressive Fire with the C key. However, I know that it may be possible to fully channel Suppressive Fire including the finisher while also catching the second throw of Death Hawk, but with my gear I’m not able to.


Been doing a few tests and so far, I could only do a full suppressive with my ASPD close to 75% after the 2nd DH throw. Haven’t successfully caught DH with lower 70s, but I’ll definitely keep trying just to be sure.

Near 90% lets you get a pretty easy supressive right after first DH throw. :blush:


You can catch it on first throw with a supressive with mid 70% att spd but you have to cancel it in a small window to do that. That and you can’t get hit by anything as that slows down ur animations slightly.


Gonna need some help making a better setup with what I’ve got. I’ve put all of my epics on an excel sheet and I’ll post my current setup that’s always gotten me the most damage. I haven’t tested everything because that would mean breaking from an already working Gracia. But since Ancient’s reworked, if there’s a setup that you think is still compatible with Gracia, I’ll just farm a new leg piece.

ScreenShot2017_0917_052113184 copy

Yes, I need crit chance so badly that I use Critical Sapphire Necklace. It gets me up to 96% though.


Any reason for not just farming Echon?


From what I can tell, your set up probably beats whatever mix you can do with your current epics.

But like Tate mentioned, are you farming echon at the same time? It’s a really solid set with the right options like Phy.Atk/Element.


That’s my question, really. No one’s really expressed whether or not Echon really is that good, not seriously anyway. My Inquisitor’s doing Echon though, she’s at the part where she can get 6pc+3pc if I farm for like 2 months -_-. And considering how long it takes to do six runs, I can’t be arsed to do more than one character right now.


Echon is better than quest leg sets and arguably some 85 epic sets if you roll the correct modifiers on them. That’s usually the case with most classes as well.