Female Nen Master General


I’ll tell you once you have 5s


lel feelbadman :cry:


able to test some stuff, the extra sp we get from not having 3 buffs + dropping nen guard lets you max doppel blast. can’t quite max out dragon fury. idk if anyone else is dropping nen guard or not after the new changes (personally, i don’t think i’ll keep it)

the real issue is the tp, the tp is practically required for doppel blast (doubles damage from what i’m seeing) but requires dropping something else.

i would think you can drop tiger flash TP for it, not really sure if it’s optimal or not. tests showed with doppel blast tp its slightly weaker than roar, tiger flash tp gives it a +6m per full x string for me. In the long run, tiger flash tp would win out on dpsing but doppel will give a better burst. im also doing some tests with doppel + tflash during its cd, just to see if theres actually a way to make doppel blasts work.

so far i think the idea of 1 tp in tflash + the rest in doppel is ok, tests are showing its pretty good/may be better than pure tflash tp. i will do more testing later (unless someone else wants to pick it up). if you do get doppel though the tp is mandatory otherwise the dmg is miserable

also R.I.P stim swaps, i feel pretty slow now


did u manage to get +1 or +2 enchant with bead in title? literally i rerolled 45m already and i saw every skill but khai


roll 90m :expressionless: same thing i feel like i might just buy one


I’m keeping bubble for now. We’ll see, not like I used it much anyways but I think it’s better to keep the tp in tiger flash since x’ing mobs to death has always worked out well for me.

I just maxed out dragon fury instead.

Also rolled a +3 khai title, not sure if I’ll use it yet, if I can ever find a Time travelers watch I’ll be at 20 khai.


Im still keeping bubble, you can cancel it to have 3s small bubble and still can cast one to two skills under it. You can use it to cast a fully charged Brit Nen also.

Doppel blast dmg deals good dmg but the main thing I have about it is, I think all of the clones need to explode on the target to deal that much dmg, which isnt’t something you can consistently do.

I’ll see if more ppl use doppel, for now I still leave it as 0. I max Dragon Fury coz it’s a skill you can safe cast and dodge a lot of stuff.


Is fnen swap still the same?


khai swap is still the same

maxing doppel blast or dragon fury is preference at this point, as is taking/maxing nen guard


Any non cube other than Dopple/Spiral worth maxing?

What cube is not worth maxing?


pick one of doppel blast and dragon fury to max, and max every other cube


Maxed all cubes, Dopple and Fury. Guard at 1.

Funny, maxing Guard was possible in this build before.


Hi guys,
what is optimal swap set for F Nen?


So is fiend venator still considered best for f nen after epic rework? Heard on test server black formal was better, Im guessing those changes didn’t stay, did they?


post changes gespenst is the better all around set

fiend only really shines assuming counter and sader buffs


So after a lot of back and forth with myself. I’m making a nen master. I didn’t know if I wanted to cause I see them all the time as one of those bandwagons I didn’t want to be a part of, what changed my mind is the fact I want to play a ‘support’ that has potential to be deeps. i also enjoyed the who energy shooting from the hands thing. Spent a good while not getting into raids on Redeemer and zerker with echon and decent right side. (Wew that’s long) anyway so is her buff swap the 3pc khai swap? And the rest taints? And an actual set to wear for nen conduit? Thanks


Finally it’s done!
Now I just need to get my saviors amped to +12 and upgraded.


dmg chart bby :wink:


Of that fnen


ah yes

when dpl really hammers it home that 2 pieces of gespenst and 100m worth of aura gear outperforms +12 90 savior and 11 amped fiend/senses/civ

more aura memes soon