Female Nen Master General


what’s wrong with me then… this was with khai swap (38%), solar shield swap (lotdv + nen conduit), warlord, undiluted and valor


ok i infod you in town

there’s a 1.2k int difference between us due to amps/enchants/insignia/sub+stone reinforcement

difference of 45 light damage due to insignia/enchants

then there’s the matter of 10 amped babylon vs +0 chaos, 11 amped senses versus 10 reinforced senses, and a total of 94 matk from my having anton sub enchant and 3 blue witch enchants


welp that makes senses, will take me some time to make all this min maxing since my only source of money is just prift sell and DCs


btw we should do an empress version of this


chicky said if f.nens don’t do a 8 man luke we will be the inferior class :c


tbh i think fnen can outdamage mnen easily…


mnen has a better kit than fnen for doing solo content and dumb shit like this cause they have the multihits + sustained damage that fnen lacks, which makes the luke fight itself super easy

not to mention their numbers are overall higher; fnen’s damage actually isn’t that high when compared to pure damage dealers


meme first alter, missed 2a on luke

otherwise was ok


Not counting neck snap (which mnens also get) but they also have holds.


tbh i did more than one luke without any realistic holder. it is doable.

i still think we should do it, or at least without clearing 2nd phase at all so we can all attend our static or sell


my 2nd character was mnen and i was really worried bc his damage looked terrible and doing stuff with him was a very boring experience. then i made a fnen and her damage numbers looked way higher so that’s pretty much why i stayed with her (this was before knowing what a khai hoe is)
maybe it was just my perception, but i can tell for sure mnen is one of the most derpy dps out there and fnen isn’t still in the top of korean tier lists because of a 25% skill attack buff and a 8 sec shield


It’s certainly doable, everything just gets exponentially more annoying when you do low damage (saderless) runs without holds.


My F. Nen’s first try at 4 man luke sell
Went pretty well considering this is the first time either party is attempting their respective path

Also @Lais m.nen is easily one of the strongest mdps out there while in reality f.nen’s damage is mediocre at best. You probably didn’t play m.nen to the end or optimize him at all.


again, mnen has a better kit than fnen in terms of having a decent solo rotation + numbers

i mean a 8 fnen raid is definitely possible and doable, but the idea of it is completely uninteresting to me as the only challenging thing really is going to be snader and aslan

fnen is only still up there because of previous perception; she really is quite mediocre as a dealer/support now


Any notable legendary offslots for an Fnen? Because of the free Darma’s Symbols we’re getting I started running Echon on my Fnen. She’s not my main so the only epics she has are a Berserk, Bismuth Stone, Tactical Top, MV Bottom (I use this for the +1 Brilliant Nen mostly), and Football Shoes. I could just build Echon around it and randomly throw in these epics since I’m not running hells on her right now but other than the Bismuth Stone and maybe Swirling Spiritual Power as a swap none of them seem remotely worth it.


So origin is on tuesday is nen conduit still a solar swap set?


solar shield gets removed as a skill


so this is my load out, assuming with 142% khai buff, w/o solar shield swap, full pot, +10 weap how much dmg should I expect


Why can’t you just go test it instead of asking other people to make up numbers for you? :thinking:


Cuz I need a hypothetical number :thinking: