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Should probably be noted that fiend damage will fluctuate depending on boss light resistance, so that’s something else to consider.


with savior, summer title is slightly better


can someone show me how to do object kill on fnen

or a video?


I don’t have a video atm, but you can actually do it in three ways. the first way is through doppel blast, it’s more consistent/easier to land but it doesn’t do nearly as much as an rld object kill. for doppels once mateka kneels just use blast and pop it, generally my savior will leave him with anywhere from 400-0 bars with full support comp. it’s not as strong, depends heavily on pots/support, but reliable if you can’t consistently do rld.

rld object, as i was told before, once the miniboss is dead, use rld and pop it before mateka kneels and let the linger kill him. a good way to time it is when the red x appears on the miniboss portrait. this should usually wreck him, but the timing is a bit harder to get down.

last, you can do nen flower object kill but i’m not entirely sure how since i’ve never done it nor have i seen it.

also, remember to use savior instead of cluster - objects dont take the ele elenore damage from cluster, making it a fair bit weaker during kneeling.

I’ll leave it to others to describe better/correct any of my mistakes if possible since my object kills are sort of clunky and I mess up a lot. unfortunately I don’t bv anymore so I can’t take a video unless i go to a pub - hopefully this helps at least a bit and maybe others can fill in.


What he said ^


aura from new dragon force avatar package in jan 23rd update gives 20 ele damage (+5 compared to arthurian) but sacrifying the 50 str/int bonus. guess dragon force is better than arthurian if you use FV ?_?


yes its stronger if you want to eat kingdom tokens


Great spreadsheet, Tenks. I saw you got the elenore’s counter damage bonus, but did you also factor elenore’s innate crit chance? It get’s no bonus from your crit chance or damage, but each elenore proc has a 3% chance to deal 1.5x damage.


I considered it, but ultimately I’m lazy, and crit elenore line procs aren’t really representative of your normal damage. Including them would increase fiend’s relative power, but realistically you’re going to crit your Venator elenore line on something important once every 3rd Luke or so.


So would 3/5 FV be stronger than 5/5 BF? Currently wearing -

I currently have 285 light dmg w/ swaps


Doubtful. Fiend’s 3 piece set is kind of worthless. I think most people who went for Fiend waited 'til they could upgrade all 5 pieces at once.


no 3pc fiend is garbage


Rip, guess I’ll just keep saving mono than.


By my (napkin) math, it actually is worth it if you have 5s. Breaking 5 piece BF frees the smash mod up for 5s, each piece has 12% damage on it, and 2 of the three pieces you upgrade will have relevant elemental damage modifiers (make sure you get light + all + x, which iirc is shoulder and chest and whatever). I don’t even have 5s, and I considered doing it. The only thing that stopped me from doing more precise math is the fact that I would have had to swap out some emblems to keep my crit maxed. Either way, you won’t see a huge damage improvement, so it’s more fun to upgrade it all at once and do like 80% more damage all of a sudden.


Iirc I tried it in my spreadsheet at some point and it was worse.


the +light piece has +12% all attack on it which you already have on babylon/scents, and the chest gives additional, which you may already have on cluster/dream title

combine this with fiends 3pc bonus being lackluster and offslot belts/shoes being generally mediocre, and you’re going to be in for a bad time


@tsumugi how can you hit 2.3b with 2a? i have your same gear (missing babylonian and +11 amps) and i hit 600m with 38 khai, 15 pct from creature then swap to petit nen, undiluted and valor potion lol


You definitely shouldn’t only be hitting 600M…
I’m using Gespenst and I’m hitting 1.3B, so you should be at least matching that in Fiend, lmfao.


would you mind trying all your skills with just khai swap, rare clones, faith/dragon aura and summer title and then post pic? without creature and any other pot boosting you besides the guild stats


counter on, standard pots (undiluted, vigor, warlord cry)

11amps on armor, acc, and sub + stone is 710 stat from amplification alone, not accounting for the extra you get from reinforcing sub/stone

+2 to 2a from avatar top and pet

144% khai, 95 light damage from solar shield (3pc lodf + 6 conduit), 20 light damage enchants on accs, blue witch cards on top/bottom/weapon, +12 reinforced weapon, and standard enchants on rest of armor/special equipment

only khai swap, everything with brilliant nen top