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current damage chart with +12 savior, +11 amps on everything except +10 babylon

i went fiend for the following reasons:

  1. large power increase right now
  2. fiend has a more even damage spread
  3. fiend does more damage on every skill except 1a/2a assuming 13k base stat (sader buffs + apoc), which is what all relevant content will be

honestly all the sets are reasonable; minmaxing in terms of sets only matters if you’re trying to push the class to its limits


but I don’t understand, why the damage changes with counter and without it? i mean, what is the effect of counter in training mode? and what damage applies better to real dungeons/raid, counter dmg or non-counter one?
also, is 85 savior better than nen cluster if u upgrade full fiend venator? and what weapon is better if you go with gespent?


counter is 25% more damage, which is applied when enemies arent being held

unupgraded savior is approximately 5% better than cluster with fiend

cluster will cleanly beat unpgraded savior with gespenst


If you already upgraded 2 pieces of Fiend I wouldn’t bother going for Gespenst. They’re pretty close, and as @tsumugi said, Fiend is a lot stronger pre-update.


ty for the answers. anyway i have 72 monoliums left i can use to upgrade 2 pieces of gespent so I think I’ll go gespent (im not really a min-maxer but it’s just grinding a bit more of monoliums for the other 2 pcs to have a stronger set in the future).
and which one is better with buffed gespent, upgraded savior or nen cluster? and can I overdamage (talking about our current DFO version) 5/5 crow if i mix it with gespent 2/5 and crow 3/5? if yes, which gespent parts should i upgrade first?
also do this sets damage difference stay the same w/ new upgraded accesories from the beast dungeons?
sorry for asking 5000 questions lol just wanna make sure i dont mess up my monoliums (again)


i’m gonna upgrade 2 pieces to gesh instead of fiend even though i already have 2 pieces

i dont wanna mess up my monolium count again

might as well go fiend at this point. you’re just delaying 5/5 (also upgraded savior and heblon) by doing this.


If you’re not a min-maxer why delay your set to min-max?

You’re like a month away from a 5/5 set, you should just finish it and get the power spike.

Also keep in mind that this patch is probably like ~6 months away, and until then Gespenst is a lot worse than Venator.

After the patch it’s marginally better and only under certain circumstances.

You can always go Gespenst later when you’re 9/9, if you still want it.


i think 2/5 gesp (shoulder + top) should be stronger than 5/5 crow, but 3/5 should be stronger assuming you have reasonable offslots (cause standalone crow pieces are pretty shit)

upgraded savior should be better in all cases

haven’t done math on new beast accessories, but things should be about the same

here’s a chart some kr guy posted regarding the upgraded sets:

the 3 charts are 3k mainstat, 8k mainstat, and 13k mainstat (modeling solo, sader buffs, sader buffs + apoc)

skills compared go from lowest to highest, with awakenings at the bottom

sets (from left to right) are: Gesp, Fiend, SuperContinent, Nagaraja, Seven Sins, with gesp being used as a baseline for comparisons. red means it does less than gesp in that scenario, green means it does more


oh, so in solo play gespent is slighly better while in party play FV overdamages in cubes while dropping in awakenings just a bit (8-10%). tbh this way I see FV a LOT better than gespent.
edit: in tenks google doc FV seems a lot worse tbh. i mean, if the boss is holded (so no counter) your damage drops a lot and gespent is even better in cubes than FV. ?_?
tsu do u know if that sheet is w/ or w/o counter?


iirc its with counter

source is here if you’d like to verify


Let me get this out of the way first:

@tsumugi, and I are both going (or have gone) fiend. This doesn’t mean fiend is the best, it just means the sets are close and fiend better fits our circumstances.

@Lais You have 2 fiend, you should probably go fiend, the difference isn’t nearly enough to split your monos between 2 sets this early.

That being said If I had to hazard a guess I’d say that chart was made using civs rather than heblon, in which case the 54 ele damage favors fiend.

Even if that isn’t the case, using a baseline amount of int (3k for both sets) will favor fiend over gespenst, as part of gespenst’s value is an extra ~200 something int from raw stats/armor bonus over the other sets.

This is why under “mock sader scaling” (5k extra int) venator begins to outscale gespenst.

Also note that like @tsumugi said:

I use an average of all the skills, wherein gespenst is heavily weighted on its 1a/2a.

tl;dr shit’s complex.

Also crow is really heavily weighted on its 5set bonus, going 2 gesp for damage is probably bad.


i think 2/5 gesp (shoulder + top) should be stronger than 5/5 crow, but 3/5 should be stronger assuming you have reasonable offslots (cause standalone crow pieces are pretty shit)

I can’t say with 100% certainty others results won’t differ because I didn’t do any extensive testing, but I can say that 2/5 and 3/5 were both weaker than 5pc Crow for me. I didn’t actually see a damage increase until 4pc.


yeah that sounds reasonable, although i am a bit surprised even 3pc gesp doesn’t make up for the loss of 5pc crow set bonus

forgot to record today but uh

elenore bug XD


Saw that in a Discord earlier and I believe my exact reaction was “Jesus fucking Christ, what”

Needed 5 Monoliums for 5pc, was praying I didn’t get cucked and get 3 from the flip.
Fortunately, I got a gold card.
UNfortunately, it was not the gold card I needed.

Somebody please kill me.


i haven’t seen a gold card in 1.5 months :^)


just revised tsu link to that Korean forum, and I can confirm (at 90%) OP is saying that the calculations are based using Heblon and no counter

you can check by yourself


if that chart doesnt take counter into consideration then id go fiend no question


Can you post the Korean to this post? I can’t get gamechosun to load for me.


it didn’t load for me as well, i had to manually search that post in the forum lol. anyway i’ll copypaste the entire post
edit: welp i tried to hide it using a spoiler or something but i cant lol

장비조건 : 헤블론, 바야라바

지능보정 : 기준지능 + 장비스탯 + 마스터리스탯 - (게슈를 기준으로 크리1.5당 지능10 차감)

상의 광넨, 뇌명플티*2

기준속강 206 : 기본24 + 악세60 + 마법석15 + 칭호6 + 오라15 + 유니크젬7 + 카이79

모든 스킬 레벨링 베이스에는 솔폰+1이 이미 들어간 상태.

칭호는 칠죄종을 제외한 모든 세트에서 증뎀칭호(속강6)을 사용(평균딜이 가장 높음)
칠죄만 추뎀칭호.


넨화속깎은 게슈, 나가 => 45, 핀드초대칠죄 => 40으로 적용. (레벨링하면 속깎치 상승함)


넨마는 스증이 다른캐릭에 비해 복잡하게 꼬여있어서 완전히 개별로 다시계산.

공통스증(천염화, 흡기공스증)은 나중에 따로 곱해주게 됨.


이런식으로 계산되니까 참고.

위 사용된 세팅에서 헤블론 빛과 어둠에 따른 딜편차는 다음 표.

모든 세팅에서 빛(속추)이 더 강하게 나옴. 게슈의 경우 추뎀칭호를 끼면 저 딜 편차는 줄어들지만, 평균딜은 약해짐.

하여튼 이제 평균딜로 비교결과. 헤블 빛과 어둠 중간값.

After this there are the sheets that tsu shared


btw what title works better with FV, oath or summer?