Female Nen Master General


this is my damage swapping for khai taints + solar shield levels, and summer pet into petit fnen, with warlord/vigor/undiluted, 424 light damage in dungeon

no plate or aer, also lower skills are inaccurate cause i wanted to see full 2a/1a damage

variables: reinforcement on weapon, enchants, amps, plats/avatar skills


more relevant damage chart, ignore the 1a/rld damage


I did use aer and plate. No summer pet since i dont have it. My light dmg is around 430. Also full swap khai(141ptc)/solar swap. Still pityful compared to full crow but gud enough if u got nothing better. :rofl:


May I ask what aer is short for?


ancient elven ring, u can swap it for xtra 8ptc(not sure) int


So after Origin “balance” patch, is Khai (or however is it called after patch) using the same swap set or is it changing? Also are Khai + Stim taints better that +1 level to Khai?


its the same after origin, and khai taints are the same as +1 level


Here, have a thing I made instead of studying today, because I’m an idiot.


First page is a tl;dr with crow/senses/civs/nencluster set as 1.0.

edit: Changed a bunch of stuff.


Fish Ball Line is better than Pars, right?


Bow to your new overlord 7 sins.

Note that a lot of this strength comes from stats. As both sets begin to scale int via amps/enchants/buffs Venator overtakes Sins at about +5k int. Also, given a counter scenario, Venator overtakes it at about +700 int.

tl;dr new sins is godlike in solo but Venator is still better with a sader.

edit: noticed that the shoulder has +3 1a passive as well ^^;;


waiting for new gespenst changes…

also pars should beat out fishball handily


I feel like there’s no way sins will go live like this. It has just as much speed as cont with Venator’s damage.

Time to go Savior -> Heblon until Neople is done screwing with the balance. :^)

Also yeah, I threw on my fish ball and it was about 5% less damage than pars across 1 full skill rotation.


good thing i have full metalline completed

but yeah thats a bit outrageous, just a bit

wonder if they’ll just slap skill damage on gespenst again and call it a day


they should have never removed it from gesphent in the first place. and now that epics are confirmed to get reworked I wonder if they’ll bring back border set effect


why are sets moving rankings with the counter hits? it should be the same 25% multiplier for all of them?


Elenore double dips counter damage. The more of a set’s multipliers that are elenore, the more its damage will be increased by counter damage. For this reason fiend gets by far the most extra benefit from counter, whereas sins gets basically none.


Updated for the latest round of changes.


luke duo position

deciding what to do with monoliums in the meantime since duo position is pretty manageable at current gear level


So what set to upgrade? Lol I just upgraded 2 pieces of fiend venator literally 5 seconds ago @tsumugi @Tenks T.T I’m confused


Theres some variance in whats best based on the scenario you use them in, but I think Venator and Gespenst are about equal for 4-man Luke sell.

Naga and Venator are about equal for a normal 8-man Luke party with gesp being a bit ahead of both.

Sins is one of the strongest in solo, and the weakest in party, and SC is just weak everywhere.

That being said, all of these sets are overkill for the content we have now, so just upgrade whatever you have and don’t stress it.

tl;dr Gesp is the strongest set overall, with fiend and naga right behind it.


wew then I better stop upgrading fiend and start w/ gespent (tho it is pretty weak in our current DFOG patch), so bad I decided to upgrade fiend today for no reason -_-