Female Nen Master General


So there’s someone in Reddit saying Nen Cluster is better than upgraded Savior (just like Inq/Pexo with Planet Destroyer), is that true?


no that isn’t true. Especially if you go fiend too.


Does anyone have a video of heroic leg post-patch they can share since can’t hit agnes in bubble anymore with brilliant nen? Trying to refine rotations now that its not possible to kill clones + do dmg at the same time


Agnes skip was removed last patch.


If you have more gear than I do you can probably pull this off. I’m just slightly undergeared to get the Agnes kill without perfect dragon RNG.



after watching your run i was experimenting with the following sequencing which should work pretty cleanly with a bit more damage:

implosion on krave
rld > necksnap > roar on kratek (alternatively just rld, then use saint illusion to cover his vulnerable frames before he goes into blue shield phase)
1a on twins
2a on agnes

couple problems with that is my rld doesn’t outright kill kratek unless i get the max damage release, and my 2a always leaves agnes with about 30~ bars

fiend should solve that easily though

rip easy leg times with agnes skip + upgraded sets


awesome, thanks for the video. looks really clean, especially with clones. I was still using flowers+implosion (probably way overkill now) on Kratek and I had few skills left for clones and agnes so I was wasting time trying to chase them down while not blowing my best skills, lol. the rotation mugii posted seems to be pretty good too, will definitely experiment again when I have enough free time to spam legs. thanks everyone!


Yeah, I’ve tried doing some variation of killing kratek with just RLD+GLR and then killing twins with 1a, but my damage is way too low atm. Kratek lives with like 40-100 bars, and then my BN leaves Agnes at like 200 bars. With an upgraded set it should be possible to just kill kratek with RLD alone, and if you’re that close to killing Agnes it should be a piece of cake with fiend.

The video I posted would probably work consistently if I amped the rest of my gear to +10. I’ll probably play with this some more, this is just what I could put together on an FP bar of messing around.


What unupgraded set is better with Nen Cluster + 5 senses, Crow or BF?


Crow in party, formal for solo. Although I still use crow solo cause I’m not bothered carrying too many sets around with me


Why a different set for party and solo play?


a good chunk of formal’s bonuses are flat patk/stats which stack diminishingly with sader buffs

crow less so


Has anyone tested 3 piece gesph vs 5 piece crow? Been hesitant on upgrading and wanting to know if anyone has upgraded 3 pieces yet. If so, do you mind posting a damage chart?


Likely to be like this.


Just heard if you going Fiend you should stay with Civ instead of Heblon due to Fiend giving you elemental elenore and Heblon giving you 0 ele damage while Civ giving 54. Is that true?


When you go for Heblon, irrespective of armour set, the individual heblon pieces (with exception of mstone for SOME classes) is much weaker then the civ. It’s once you complete the set that CIV loses. Heblon set effect gives % Skill Attack, 20 IIRC which is gonna be much better then the 54 ele dmg. Or you can also proc the ele elenore. Besides it also gives +200 stat which is still a considerable boost.


@tsumugi 144% is the maximum for khai?


144% is the max solo

you can hit 145 if someone in your party has metal line


3pc > full formal for me.
Probably still weaker than full crow. But i guess it’s something for people who doesnt have full crow/metal


That’s interseting, cuz I’ve got full crow and almost all of my skills do a little bit less than yours :frowning: Only diff is I don’t have Baby. Symbol. Wut’s the pet that ur using, are you plate swapping?, and how much ele do you have? Thanks in advance :blush: