Female Nen Master General


hm I’m probably messing something up then so I’ll keep a lookout this thursday on what happens with my damage. I just kept finding it weird especially since it’s inconsistent either high or low but usually one person in my party gets full damage all the time so maybe they’re only being refreshed and nobody else lul


So I’m 4/5 Crow and 2/5 BF. Is Fiend really a lot better than Gespenst even with cloth mastery? I’m scared, 3 pieces away is too much.


no, the two sets are fairly close

fiend is more consistent damage across the board, whereas gespenst’s damage is loaded more heavily on the higher level skills due to the nature of skill level scaling. then there’s the factor of fiend being a raw damage increase whereas gespenst gives party utility with defense and ele shred

infinites are also better than senses in terms of raw damage output if you’re choosing to go with gespenst


To add on with that tsumugi said, I wouldn’t worry about Fiend if you don’t complete Black Formal unless you particularly want it over Gespenst. If you finish Crow first, you can plan to upgrade that first while still trying to get Black Formal in case you want Fiend instead. You have plenty of time to decide (and/or get lucky/unlucky) which set you want to get, considering the monolium cost of a full set.


if you really don’t want to make a decision yet you can also get heblon/upgrade savior first, but its honestly not recommended due to 1) the existence of nen cluster and 2) the general inefficiency of upgrading heblon first due to monolium costs


I’m debating between going savior first in the hopes of finishing crow/formal, or just being a supercont meme.


don’t let your dreams be memes


Rip formal after next update


its still a damage increase, just not as much


pff i think my dmg in tact is better than normal after patch, just broke my formal. Pretty sure now 3/5 fiend is better than 5/5 formal on f.nen at least.


curious to see what your damage would be with that setup


@tsumugi What’s your rotation for Egene like in your 2 man sell? I’m trying to figure out how to one cycle him solo because I’ve had a Sader for so long and I’m not having any luck. I’m either too strong and trigger eye too early or too weak and don’t finish him off. Starting to really frustrate me.


cast flower > bloom with nen cannon > fake hug > saint illusion > neck snap > rld + detonate > filler cube here

This was pre reinforcement patch for me, but right now he falls over at RLD


i do what @Sleepless said

slightly slower than baiting with 2a due to egene sometimes doing a fake “fake hug” but its easy to recognize once you do it enough


Thanks, I’ll try that the next time I raid. o/


I had a lot of problems with customer lag causing egene to grab me out of BN when he fake grabbed flowers. Now I do BN -> flowers -> necksnap -> dragon (procs eye and blooms flowers) -> blow up flowers + any additional damage you need (laser/SI/ES). The important part is adjusting your damage so that BN barely doesn’t proc eye.


That’s the problem. Almost everything I do procs eye, but isn’t strong enough to kill him, lol.


You can do BN (eye procs) -> flowers -> stand on him and pre-dragon so he vulns into it + blow up flowers + random filler cubes if needed.


Anyone here know if 3/5 gespenst > 5/5 crow? if yes, which 3 pieces do i upgrade to get the most mileage?


haven’t done the specific calculations, but you could do something like top/shoulder/belt + exposure + whatever shoe and it should be stronger than 5pc crow