Female Nen Master General


Nah, chill.


u right id rather work on anime sword wielding fslayers instead


Don’t you mean
D A R K L A N C E R? :smirk:


that aint a girl with a sword


It definitely could be if you dress him up properly.


fuq no


also I have to say Brilliant Nen is amazing for the camelot event dungeons

lets me zip past side room in mordred dungeon and full screen attack for morgana


How much stronger is Nen Cluster over Berserk? I have a ton of Epic Souls, a Nen Cluster on the wrong character, and a Nen who managed to stumble into Berserk from ToDes.


nen cluster will never beat berserk in a vacuum, it requires elemental damage on your gear to scale the ele elenore.


Keep in mind it’s not really worth transferring something over if you plan to ever run Hells on that character. You’ll only feel shitty when it eventually drops.


what’s your current gear on nen?

it’s honestly not really worth transferring if you’re not at the gearpoint to make cluster really shine, or if you still plan on running an extensive amount of hells. i only say this cause berserk is still quite a solid weapon, and only loses to cluster/savior due to qol and inefficient mod stacking with endgame gear

although the cost of 129 souls to transfer weapons is much more lenient than the 189 required for non-weapon equipment


My current gear is just a standard Gracia setup and Tainted offslots for now, with a Mana Burn Top that I lucked into. I’m in the process of transitioning into Echon.
So yeah, likely not worth transferring for now; will probably hold onto my souls for when the wrong character eventually stumbles into Moonlight Sword.


So what was the consensus on best gear swap set post-(KDNF) buff rework patch?


Is there a way to speed up the gear swapping , because changing from 3/3 set weapon and tained gear.

Like a macro ?


should still be 3lodf + tainted khai

currently on dfog there is nothing built into the game to speed up swaps; we’ll later get the swap box that kdnf currently has


I got the tech ring and angelic power too


in an ideal khai setup you actually dont need any +level gear at all

+1 pet, +3 plats, +1 avatar top, +3 title, +1 belt bead enchant gives +9 to khai, and filling out every other slot with tainted khai gear nets 144% khai with 3pc lodf


To anyone doing Luke Raid: can I see what your damage charts look like on Luke? for some reason half the time it shows I do very little dmg but other times it shows the accurate/way higher damage? mine, for reference: here is one https://i.imgur.com/UdoXvrM.png and here is another https://imgur.com/a8lnnl1, is there something I’m missing about luke or is it just a visual display? we even one cycled today with the lower dmg chart so I’m not entirely sure what’s up


Your numbers look fairly normal to me. Maybe the lower numbers are just you prematurely ejaculating before your supports do their thing? Dunno.

I’ve been pretty consistent with checking my numbers on Luke after each Raid and they don’t really vary that much, so I don’t think it’s a visual bug or something like that.


make sure apoc and support debuff stuff is done casting before you dump your rotation or else your damage will be significantly lower