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what has fnen devolved to, where aura slaving is better than dmg sets

neople pls

it really does make a lot of difference though, I went in as gespenst with dmg dealer and it was easier than bringing in another fnen (though on the other side, an aura geared fnen did basically what i did but 5000x better)


ye, it is what it is

fnen isn’t going to get a number/skills retooling anytime soon either, due to how its still perceived in korea

better prep your demon rakes for beast


Totally missed this but hey. Also I finally transferred summer pet to my fnen, feels good.
Also I messed up my 2a timing, could get a lower time but meh, I’m happy with the dmg.


Do you guys tend to use max doppelganger blast/doppelganger or max dragon fury?
I’ve been seeing a lot of nens lately use blast in endgame (most likely from the low cd)


I would think it is due to the cooldown, as you can use 3 Doppel Blasts in the time you can use one Dragon’s Fury.
However, for you to do the max damage with Doppel Blast you generally need to drop it while you are standing on the target’s hitbox since even with the TP bonus the explosion size of each Doppelganger is pitifully small.

Even with 9pc Luminous Fist and Doppelganger Fist the explosion range is still smaller than the area you can cover with Dragon’s Fury.


Sounds like doppelganger is better for Luke raid or beast dungeon while dragon fury is general usage like hell mode ect huh?


Not really?
Again, the main issue with Doppelganger Blast is that you need to be as close to your target’s hitbox as possible to get the most damage out of it.
And that’s usually done by standing on your target.
That’s generally not a good idea. Really not a good idea for Beast.

If anything, DoppelBlast is more useful for Hell Mode or farming, places where the shorter cooldown gives you more options when going from room-to-room.

I did some limited testing in Bloody Lane between Doppel Blast and Dragon’s Fury.
What I found is that having more frequent uses of the skill was great, but having to run into the mobs to first set the Doppels and then to detonate them was a lot slower than I thought it would be.
With Dragon’s Fury I could fire it from the entrance of the room (or a few steps in) and land in the middle of the cleared room and run immediately to the next one.

Damage wise though it doesn’t matter. They both do the same amount of damage in the same period of time, so if that’s the factor you’re looking for, then it’s just a matter of preference.


Alright man, thank you. I appreciate it!


Personal preference for sure. I’ve never been a fan of dopplers even before the changes. Dragon fury, well being a longer CD, feels better because it’s a one and done cast and it also feels like it has better coverage/wider range but maybe that’s just me.

Fun fact: you can brilliant nen than cast dragon’s fury after well still in the air.


Dragon’s Fury has a hit box far in front of your character, so you don’t have to move as much to get in position to use it.

I wish we had the same kind of Doppel Blast as M. Nens, where they can call the Doppels to them.
You can set them at the door, run to the mobs, call the Doppels, then continue moving afterwards. It’s really fast and fluid.


Updated ferman time with the update (No real big changes but I’m doing a little more damage with my 2a)

Sub 3 second club woo :v


Spamming thread with pictures. Here’s my latest luke run dmg.


Goals have been met, 10b 2A on Luke.

Also ded thread cause new classes.


Is Fnen completely percent now or still hybrid?