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Female Nen Master Discussion

Some FAQs:

This is a class whose identity revolves around nen guard

A “hybrid” class that brings solid damage and support to the table (Khai, Stimulating Breath, Nen Guard).

Do I need to refine my weapon?

Yes. FNen currently has multiple skills that have fixed components, with the most relevant ones being Raging Light Dragon, Lion’s Grand Roar, and Doppelganger Blast.

This all gets changed with KDNF’s most recent patch where FNen becomes fully percent, but DFOG likely isn’t going to see this change for approximately another 6 months as of this post’s writing.

What's my skill build?

Standard skill build is as follows:

  • 5 Points in Nen Shot, 1 point in Nen Bead and Suplex for utility
  • Dragon Fury is your SP dump; long startup/cooldown, with unimpressive damage
  • Getting Neck Snap as a steal skill via PVP is tremendously helpful, as FNen has no real hold/CC of any sort
  • If you prefer to use Doppelganger Blast instead of Roar, you can drop points in Dragon Fury and Lion’s Roar completely and skill Doppelganger and Doppelganger Blast instead


Level TPs that correlate to damage, nothing else is very relevant unless you’re using Doppelganger Blast (in which case you’d drop Tiger Flash/Basic Training/Lion’s Roar TP for Doppelganger and Doppelganger Blast)

How do I get into Anton Raid?

It’s possible to get into Anton Raid in full support gear as a fnen by focusing on your most important buff, Khai. Get 3 pieces of the Chronicle Set “Light of the Divine Follower”, and fill out the rest of your gear slots with green tainted Khai Chronicle Gear.

Yeah, ok, but how do I do damage?

As a fresh level 90:

  • Get 6 Piece Gracia Family Heirloom and a Requiem/Liberation Knuckle from Ancient Dungeons
  • Get 3 piece Light of the Divine Follower and your Khai/Stimulating Breath dual taints from Otherverse Dungeons. You can also elect to get 6 piece Nen Conduit to boost the light damage gained from Solar Shield, but it is less of a damage boost than maximizing Khai percentage.
  • Get legendary accessories (Gigantic Presence is strong, but takes quite some time to obtain. The Metro Center Accessories are much quicker to obtain but are quite a bit weaker.)

Have some gear already?

  • Farm Echon for a substantial improvement over 6 Piece Gracia.
  • Anton Normals and Heroic Anton are good places to practice for Anton Raid, and a source for Antoniums and Demon Invites.
  • Do raid for progress towards Savior/Anton Raid Accessories, and a steady source of Demon Invitations
    *Guild Dungeons also provide a good source of Powerful Energies and DI.

Past this point, you should have a good idea of what to do (obtain epics).

A Guide to Female Nen Master


Also known as the best class in the game.


Viable Nen Shot where


voke is too good

also y it stretch out image like this discourse pls


@tsumugi You may want to update this link in your Guide


good catch there, updated


I like this pic!

still waiting for that 2nd awakening ava pls neople make my dream come true

also hi fellow nens


i’m just sticking with whatever we got from soap event until we get better hair


agreed that we need better hair…


one of the contributing reasons for my funding fslayers now


I never find anything good for dressup for female fighters. I’ve stuck with my current outfit for quite some time because barely anything looks good ;_;

also I forgot to ask this before, considering the new reworks are our 90 sets still in the same order (fiend > gespenst > supercont)? ele shred was nerfed so dunno how much it affects fiend (shouldnt because of nen’s light damage) and with the removal of def & ele shred on many classes gespenst is probably more valuable now since it’s a better support option? still debating if I want to go supercont instead since everyone’s hopping on that bandwagon but gespenst seems way more attractive considering future reworks


Gespenst is the better option after farming Heblon anyway, which takes forever, but is logical gear progression regardless.


fiend is probably still better due to the massive amount of all attack stacking on gesp + heblon

gonna do some math in the near future so i can figure out which path to take

continent is still a solid choice, but i would go with venator/gespenst if you have the options available


You think so? I’ll admit I haven’t done the math ('cause math and I don’t mix, heh), but I would’ve figured it’d be the better option because of the Additional Elemental Damage overlap.

Personally, I still want Gespenst anyway because I’m a purest and I want my armor mastery. #Nvr4getWhenPlateArmorMadeYouSlow


are you guys talking about with savior or with nen cluster? i think i’m going gespent anyways


this is assuming the final setup of 90 savior + 90 armor + senses + heblon

although with gespenst, for optimal damage you would want full infinite over senses due to all attack stacking

so rip speeds either way

wrt to the additional ele line stacking, i just view it as stacking another line of damage, which is no different than stacking multiple instances of all attack or additional % magic attack and so on

math will be done #soon


That’s true. I guess we’ll see with the math.

Personally, like I said, I’m going Gespenst either way (even though I’m 2/5 Crow…) just 'cause I like sticking to Armor Masteries. When it comes down to it, you’re talking about one absurdly powerful set up VS another absurdly powerful set up and one is slightly stronger than the other one, so no matter what you’re going to be strong, lol.


probably going to go fiend due to how heavily invested in senses i am already, but we will see

at worst i’ll upgade gespenst after fiend/90 savior/heblon or some shit


yeah, I think I’ll just stick with gespenst despite using senses because I wont have to grind up for black formal or transfer last piece of radiant for a small damage increase. I’m still 2/5 on black formal so that’s a big middle finger anyway. also still need to grind up for a savior knuckle to upgrade instead of tonfa, but at least I’ll be upgrading armor first so it doesn’t matter too much for the moment :upside_down_face:


cluster is insanely strong for a 90 epic, which is evidenced by people choosing to upgrade armor and complete heblon before upgrading savior

maybe i should just make a 2nd fnen so i can have both fiend and gesp fnens :thinking: