Female Mechanic General


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General Guid to Female Mechanic:


How should I allocate my TP? I guess max G-series, Gale Force, Sparrow Factory, BBQ, and Mech Drop?


mmm in my case i use the same as you but instead of mech drop, i put in viper…


Viper isn’t as good anymore, Mech Drop TP is really great, insanely good.

@asakyun TP looks fine.


Mech drop tp is pretty much essential to using the skill, as well as max detonation. There was actually an interesting discovery by GBot where if you don’t have level 5 mech drop tp (from textbook or codename oracle) some of the robots still detonate on impact which can mess people up when attempting to object kill mateka.

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What’s the best 90 set right now, or in the future? Is Crow still the best?