Female Launcher General


i dont think laser is that good for female launcher, i think its better on the male launcher, but im not too sure


Of course Laser Rifle max isn’t good on F.Launcher. M.Launcher specializes on burst and F.Launcher is more DPS oriented (My main is M.Launcher, I know exactly what M.Launcher should max based on experience since the Nexon days) I was just asking what would be a better skill dump/skill max since Gatling Gun got nerfed to the ground and we’re sitting on a good amount of SP that shouldn’t be wasted on Laser Rifle.
The buffs to F.Launcher’s Laser Rifle could put it in line with the M.Launcher nerfs they received in the Origin patch, but it’s probably not enough to make it as strong. On a surface value, I can say “Laser Rifle could be a potential skill dump for F.Launcher”, but because of the lack of recoil reduction that F.Launchers don’t get vs their Male counterparts, I can see why it’s not viable (lack of recoil = lack of active frames, thus lack of DPS; Plus it just feels terrible to use when you have to watch your character slide for 15-30 frames). Although in theory, the buffs should make it mildly viable (as a last skill to use after your Arctic Booster/Light damage skills; or fire damage dps into Arctic Booster > light damage burst rotation) My next guess would be either Steyr since it’s a relatively short cd and provides decent damage (not sure about in a raid setting) or Stinger (Lv.35), but issue here is 20 sec.base cooldown, being pretty long for our class. It isn’t a consistent DPS skill, so it makes us sit around waiting for our other skills, otherwise we do nothing.

I would like to hear from other F.Launcher mains for their inputs so we can make a good build that would last us until the Homogenization patch (where we get the new Lv. 75 skill(s) and Plasma Booster; then all hell breaks loose due to a lack of SP points).


This is a barebones F. Launcher skill build.

Choose 2/3 from Steyr AMR, FM-92 Mk2 Lancer, and X-1 Extruder. In Beast dungeon, it’s recommended to cut X-1 Extruder, which makes your choice easy. Lancer does good damage (on par w/ Quantum Bomb) so you might as well start getting used to it now.

In the future, AJ Reinforcement Part is removed and FSC-7 (a level 75 active skill) replaces it. Just shift over the SP that was being used for AJ Reinforcement Part over to FSC-7.

APG-63 (level 25 passive) is added in the future. It gives 3+n% crit chance, and 14+n% damage.

To clear Clowns comfortably, you want to have a 4 second freeze, which requires a level 12 Arctic Booster (you can also add levels via Fish Ball Line, Tibia Bone Boots, etc.). In the future, when Arctic Booster is changed to Plasma Booster, hold duration is fixed at 2 seconds but refreshes continuously, so to do Clowns in the future, you should use SA/Toy or Wooyo’s to make sure you can keep Plasma Booster active for at least 2 seconds (+2 second of hold afterwards). Extra levels does not do anything for Plasma Booster, so in the future, keep it at level 1.


The poster says the amps are the same on both sets. You can decide whether he’s telling the truth: Fiend Str = 4553, Naga Str = 4972.

And here’s a Beast damage chart


Okay, quick question about the G-14 Buster skill. I just started a F Launcher and was playing around with her skills and decided to try this grenade one out. I notice that it lists a cooldown for throwing grenades in the air, and the skill isn’t greyed out when I jump, so by all accounts i should be able to chuck grenades when I jump by using this skill midair, right? So how come absolutely nothing happens when I use this ability in the air? It just doesn’t activate. Is this a glitch? Anyone else have this problem with this skill? Am I missing something obvious here?


Only F. Spitfires can throw grenades from the air.


Is there a f launcher discord?


Can you get +10 without using magic cat? cause

  1. Top Bottom = 3
  2. +3 title = 3
  3. Unique aura = +1
  4. Pet = +1
  5. Arthurian knight aura = +1
  6. ???
    And also, should we equipent to get heavy firearm + 10?
  7. Top Bottom = 3
  8. unique aura = 1
  9. Athurian knight aura = 1


I think the general jist is the same as Mlauncher.

You want to fill up as many slots with taints well keeping +10 EE. At most you can get +8 without touching armor/acc. (+3 title, +4 from avatars(top/bottom/aura), +1 pet)

This leaves you with needing +2 more EE and your choices are Top/bottom/magic sub/ring, (Halidom:kers top/Sea god pants/Book of secrets/High tech ring)

The best way to go about it if you don’t have magic cata is probably magic sub + ring so that you can use green taints on top/bottom as they give you +3% instead of +2%.


Ah ok thnx, i have magic cat but gold is the issue. Any tips on how to earn gold efficiently? i just need 2 more plats